August 8, 2019
WWE News: Triple H Speaks On Possibly Counter-Programming AEW With NXT On Wednesday Nights

Not too long ago, All Elite Wrestling announced that they would have a weekly TV show on TNT and that it would be airing on Wednesday nights. This is huge news for wrestling fans as it only gives them more great live content every single week. As soon as AEW announced their show, there were rumors that WWE would try to "counter-program" by moving NXT to FS1 this fall, but Triple H has something quite strong to say about all that.

This fall, WWE is moving SmackDown Live from the USA Network to Fox, and the rumors of NXT joining them have been swirling. There has been no official word from the company if NXT will actually move to television or stay on the WWE Network, but anything is possible.

Once AEW revealed the date of their first TV show on TNT, the rumors brought about talk that WWE would want to "counter-program" them with NXT. Obviously, that news has made its way to the higher-ups and they have something to say about it.

On Thursday afternoon, WWE COO Triple H spoke on a media call which was detailed by Wrestling Inc., and he touched on many different topics. While he didn't exactly name-drop All Elite Wrestling, it was obvious who he was talking about in his comments to the media.

The official logo for All Elite Wrestling.

One thing that Triple H wanted the world to truly know is that if anyone is counter-programming anyone, it's AEW doing it to NXT.

"Contrary to what I've heard, because you hear people speculate and I've seen the conversations around FS1 or whatever it is with NXT and all that stuff, and then immediately, people come in with counter-programming talk. We have content all over the place, and if people want to talk about counter-programming and bring that up in the conversation - like, Wednesday has been the home of NXT forever. Right?

That's where it's sat; it's been on our network on a Wednesday's time slot now forever."

Triple H said that WWE plans on doing their business and that is what they're going to worry about when it comes to business. He knows that all the talk about "counter-programming" is mostly the wrestling sites and fans trying to stir up drama and competition.

When it comes to making an announcement, the aim of a promotion needs to simply focus on the announcement and not what other promotions are doing. Triple H and WWE are ready to do whatever needs to be done for the best of their business and he expects All Elite Wrestling to do the same for theirs. As for the fans, this is only going to bring about more enjoyment, as no matter what, the tension is beginning to rise in new wrestling wars.