Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Wife, Brooke Mueller, Reportedly Caught Using Crystal Meth On Video

Actress Brooke Mueller arrives at Comedy Central's Roast of Charlie Sheen held at Sony Studios
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

A video of Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex, has surfaced, showing the mother-of-two crouched in a van with a drug pipe.

Page Six shares that one of Mueller’s 9-year-old sons was reportedly upstairs in her hotel room as she prepared to smoke what looks to be crystal meth. Mueller, 41, has been fighting drug addiction and mental health issues for years, and the video shows her looking unwell holding a pipe and a lighter in a dirty van.

A source shared that while Mueller was allegedly smoking in the van outside an airport hotel in Spokane, Washington, her son, Bobby, was up in their hotel room alone.

“Earlier in the day, Mueller had left Bobby alone with two strangers, both men, at a restaurant in nearby Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, while she ran off to score drugs, returning after an hour,” the source said.

Mueller has been caught with drugs before, most recently on a trip to the Hamptons where she had “suitcases of drugs” with her. At that time, she was captured on audiotape in Suffolk County, New York, trying to purchase crystal meth and “black tar heroin,” according to another source who says that her family is very concerned about her and the children.

“Brooke’s family is very concerned about her relapse and about her safety. They are worried about her pattern of behavior that leads her to put herself in the hands of total strangers,” the source said.

Back in 2016, Sheen’s ex blamed the actor’s HIV admission for her drug relapse that year, according to The Inquisitr. Mueller said that finding out that her ex had the virus, even though she and her children tested negative, caused her to fall back on old habits.

An insider revealed that the shock of this revelation sent Mueller back to rehab.

“Brooke had a very difficult time in the immediate aftermath of Charlie’s situation going public. Even though she and the twins don’t have HIV, it just brought back a lot of very bad memories of the time when Brooke was married to Charlie.”

Family and friends noted that Mueller recognized at that time that she needed to go to rehab in 2016 without prompting, which they thought was a “huge step” for her. She reportedly came home stating that she was committed to sobriety, but found that being back in her daily life was harder than she expected. Mueller shared that being asked about Sheen and his HIV status put her on edge.