Kate Middleton Says She Can Feel Her Baby Moving

Kate Middleton baby bump

Pregnant Kate Middleton can finally feel her baby moving, a sentiment she proudly announced to more than 1,000 cheering fans on Tuesday.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, stepped out in foggy Grimsby wearing a brown coat by Hobbs, which more than aptly hid her royal baby bump, reports The Daily Beast. Kate was greeted by dignitaries at the National Heritage Fishing Center, but took some time to interact with her fans. The bustling crowd gathered there cried out to the 31-year-old mother-to-be “We want Kate!”

Middleton obliged, offering the crowd a wave.

Fans gathered weren’t shy about asking Kate Middleton about her condition. One asked her if she could feel her baby moving yet, and Kate responded “Yes, it is. Very much so.”

“She’s beautiful, much better than in the pictures,” said 74-year-old Dorothy Garland, who waited for roughly three hours to catch a glimpse of the Duchess. “She looks so well.”

Once she was inside the Fishing Center, Middleton ran into a woman who was shopping at the same time as the Duchess last week on London’s Oxford Street.

“I said to her, ‘We met in TopShop last Wednesday,’ and she said yes,” Linda Mitchell, wife of a local Member of Parliament, told People. “I asked her if she bought anything, and she said, ‘A few bits.’ I told her I was going to say ‘hello’ but that would have been difficult. She said it would have been wonderful.”

After her visit to the Fishing Center, Kate made her very first visit to the Prince’s Trust, the children’s charity that was set up by her father-in-law Prince Charles to help disadvantaged youth find gainful employment, training and continuing education.

Kate Middleton baby bump

Obsession with Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is at an all-time high right now. You can hardly find a headline concerning the Duchess that doesn’t include the words “baby bump” or “royal pregnancy” these days. At least the public at large seems to be over her tasteless “nudes,” and her pregnancy is apparently going well, despite her efforts to remain discreet on the matter.

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