WWE Rumors: WWE Is Misusing Rey Mysterio And AEW Would Be Happy To Sign Him

The former World Champion is in a tough spot, but there are other promotions he could work for.

Rey Mysterio looks on in shock during a match.

The former World Champion is in a tough spot, but there are other promotions he could work for.

SummerSlam is taking place on Sunday night, and it is one of WWE’s biggest pay-per-views of the year, but there are some big names missing from the card. One of those is Rey Mysterio who has been involved in some decent storylines over the past couple of months, but he just doesn’t seem high on the promotion’s list. It is believed that he’s being misused by the company and that All Elite Wrestling would welcome him with open arms if he wanted to sign.

Fans watching WWE’s product have seen Mysterio feud with Samoa Joe and Andrade, but other times, he’s used as a filler for a big match. The former World Champion has a long career behind him, but he’s still working at an elevated level and could deliver plenty to any promotion.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, WWE simply isn’t looking to make Mysterio a big part of any storyline. Dave Meltzer says that with Rey being 44-years-old, his basic use in the company is to “get new guys over.”

That seems understandable since he is an older veteran, but he is still extremely popular and brings in a lot of money. Other wrestling promotions around the world know that and are keeping a close eye on how Mysterio is being used as they’re ready to pounce on him.

Rey Mysterio celebrates a victory in WWE.

Meltzer went on to say that Mysterio is likely not very happy with how he is being booked in WWE, and it could lead to some tension. If there is a discord between the two sides, AEW is ready to do whatever it takes to bring in the longtime masked superstar.

“I mean…if they’re gonna treat him like this, they’ll die if he goes to AEW. I mean he’ll go there in a heartbeat, and they won’t abuse him there because those guys love him. So it’s kinda like, what are you doing?”

Rey Mysterio returned to WWE last year after signing a two-year deal with the promotion in September. No matter what, he has at least one more full year on his current contract, but time could be added to it due to his absence caused by injury.

That’s a move that WWE has pulled in the past with superstars such as Luke Harper and others.

WWE knows what they have in the veterans on their roster, but the future is in younger superstars and having them built up. Guys like Rey Mysterio still have plenty of worth though, and could easily be a part of main event storylines if the company decided to go in that direction. If Vince McMahon isn’t careful, he could see some of his longtime stars end up in All Elite Wrestling before too long.