‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha In Dire Shape, Nina & Michael Stay By Her Side

Sasha is rushed to the hospital, and Nina is frantic.

General Hospital's Sasha Gilmore.
Michael Yada / ABC Press

Sasha is rushed to the hospital, and Nina is frantic.

Sasha Gilmore seems to be quite vulnerable when it comes to getting drugged. On Wednesday’s General Hospital, Cassandra’s evil plan had begun. She isn’t messing around. She is out for blood, and it just so happens that Sasha has played right into it.

Cassandra put something in Sasha’s grapefruit while she and Michael met up with her in Puerto Rico last week. It appears to be something that has taken days to start working, but now the drug, or poison, has taken over. Sasha collapsed while she was in Nina’s office. Valentin and Maxie also stood by as she fell to the floor unconscious. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Nina is on edge. That was evident in the previews for Thursday’s show.

Nina will be begging for help to figure out what is wrong with her daughter. This appears to possibly be the mystery illness that Finn was expected to take on this summer. No one yet knows that Sasha and Michael ran into Cassandra when they were on their island paradise trip, but they will soon.

Also on Thursday, Michael will learn of Sasha’s illness and rush to GH to be with her. Since they were just out the country, it’s likely that Finn will assume that she picked up some kind of bug from that. Is Cassandra trying to kill Nina’s daughter off slowly?

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General Hospital fans are wondering if this will finally be the revelation of Sasha’s true identity. They are sure to run plenty of tests to try to figure out what is wrong with her. In fact, she may need blood or something else that only a relative may have. If Nina is tested, that may prove that she can’t be Sasha’s mother. Of course, Valentin would probably step in to make sure that doesn’t happen, even if it risks Sasha’s life.

Will Michael figure it all out? After all, he did overhear Sasha a few weeks ago saying that she wished Nina was her real mother in a previous hospital visit. She was muttering that in her sleep, but Michael heard that. If something becomes suspicious this time with the tests, he could remember that and raise his suspicions.

It’s not yet known if Sasha will recover from being drugged by Cassandra or if she will somehow be saved by Finn. This could have just been a warning to Nina that Cassandra can strike any time she wants.

Keep watching General Hospital in the coming days to see if Sasha survives her ordeal.