Josephine Skriver Goes Nude In Napa Valley

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver recently took a trip to wine country in California, making stops in Sonoma and Napa Valley. The beauty documented some of her adventures on Instagram, including her inaugural ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train.

Today, Skriver shared a triple update to document the end of her weekend vacation in Napa — and one of the snaps had her fans stunned and drooling.

In the first snap of the series, Skriver was seated inside a room in what appeared to be some kind of spa. There was a light towards one side of the room that emitted an ambient glow, a piece of art on one wall that looked like a succulent, and Skriver in the middle of it all seated on a massage table with the sheets pooled around her svelte frame. While Skriver isn’t shy about showing off her body, and has posed in skimpy swimwear and lingerie before, in the snap from the spa she wasn’t wearing a single piece of clothing. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun with one tendril framing her face, and she had her legs crossed with one arm touching the nape of her neck.

Her followers couldn’t see anything scandalous, as her back was to the camera, but the overall look was majorly seductive. In the caption of the photo, Skriver admitted that the massage she received was wonderful.

Skriver followed the steamy shot with two pictures that showcased a more goofy side of the trip. In one shot, Skriver posed with her boyfriend, singer-songwriter Alexander DeLeon. The Angel wore a white visor from the resort, and a golf polo as she headed out on the course with her partner. In the snap, Skriver had a huge grin on her face and was facing DeLeon, who had his tongue stuck out in a silly pose.

Skriver followed it up with yet another shot of herself with DeLeon, this time from further away. The duo traded in their golf gear for more casual clothing, and Skriver donned black bottoms with a simple crop top and white tennis shoes. In the snap, DeLeon was giving her a piggyback ride in the middle of a lush green lawn with palm trees all around them.

Skriver’s fans loved the shot, which received over 132,000 likes within just ten hours.

One follower was charmed by the couple’s selfies, and told Skriver so in the comments section.

“Awe this picture of you two made me genuinely smile. You just feel the joy.”

Several other followers commented on the cute couple, although quite a few were too stunned by Skriver’s beauty to notice anything but the model herself.