Hilde Osland Gets Flirty In A Bright Blue Minidress

Hilde Osland takes a selfie.
Hildeee / Instagram

Hilde Osland has been keeping her 1.4 million Instagram followers updated with a ton of new photos this summer. However, her newest post was a short video, which showed Hilde walking up the steps and into a luxury hotel room. So far, the video has been watched over 117,000 times.

The video started with Hilde walking upstairs in a tight-fitting dress. It was bright, light blue and had an open back with thick straps. The model wore her hair down with a white flower tucked behind her left ear. She pushed open the door to the hotel room and looked over her left shoulder to smile at the camera.

From there, fans got a good look at the room, which included a four-poster bed and stylish decor. There were plenty of windows that offered picturesque sights of the lush area.

Towards the end of the clip, the camera zooms back in on Osland, who at this point, is holding a coconut with her left hand. She drank the water through a straw, while giving another flirty smile.

Fans showered Hilde with compliments, and the model also took the time to respond to several questions.

“If you said ‘follow me to the pits of h*ll’ i would just say ‘ok let me grab some sunscreen,'” joked a fan, who referred to Hilde’s captions.

Others wanted to know more about how the model looks so great.

“Curious about your hair color. Is your base blond with ash lowlights? Or opposite? It looks so natural,” asked a curious follower.

“Thank you 🙂 um well my roots are quite a dark blonde so I have highlights with a few lowlights. Not sure if that helps haha xx,” responded Osland.

Someone else wanted to know if there was a secret to her physique.

“What kind of workout routine or dieting do you do to stay that skinny??” asked a follower.

“I don’t do anything in particular babe. I wouldn’t say I’m ‘skinny’ I’ve just always had a small waist,” said Hilde.

It’s true that Hilde has a small waist, which is something that is prominent in many of her photos. The video, in particular, also showed off her small waist, because the dress hugged her curves.

The video was geotagged in Canggu, Bali. The captions revealed that the hotel that she was showing off was the JungleRoom Bali, which advertises itself as a place to relax and rejuvenate, with surf spots nearby.