Sean Penn, 58, Making Out With His 27-Year-Old Girlfriend Is Creeping People Out

Sean Penn attends the 7th Annual Sean Penn & Friends HAITI RISING Gala benefiting J/P Haitian Relief Organization on January 6, 2018
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Sean Penn has caused a stir. The 21 Grams actor turns 59 next month.

Photos obtained by The Daily Mail today showed the 58-year-old engaging in a public display of affection with his 27-year-old girlfriend Leila George.

The newspaper’s images showed the pair in affectionate moments that included some kissing, plus Penn embracing his lady with his hands holding onto the back of her jeans. As The Daily Mail reports, the Oscar winner and his girlfriend are vacationing in Positano. The luxury Amalfi Coast region is proving popular with celebrities at the moment; Kylie Jenner and her family touched down in Positano earlier today, per The Daily Mail.

Viewers to the images of Penn and his girlfriend have been leaving their thoughts over in The Daily Mail’s comments section.

“These old dirty men and their 20-something girlfriends. It’s pretty gross,” a user wrote with 195 individuals agreeing.

“His girlfriend is younger than his daughter – yuk just totally yuk…..” was a comment racking up 134 upvotes.

Leila’s father Vincent D’Onofrio is one year older than Penn, per The Daily Mail‘s report. It looks like this was one newspaper article that had viewers doing more than just scrolling through the images.

A more light-hearted response came in from what may have been a female user. Despite taking a less-slamming tone, the comment appeared to echo the sentiments made by others – namely, that the reader was a touch creeped-out by the romantic gestures between Sean and Leila.

Sean Penn cozies up to girlfriend on Italian vacation: pics

— MSN (@MSN) August 7, 2019

“She is my age. I don’t think i could do that haha. There’s a lot of lovely ladies in his age bracket,” the user stated.

They found themselves replied to.

Sean Penn, 58, Hits Beach with Girlfriend Leila George, 26, After His Ex Robin Wright Marries

— People (@people) August 14, 2018

“Me neither. The thought of being with someone the same age as my parents is just yuk / don’t care how much money he has,” was the response.

“I don’t think I would have even when he was younger. he is just gross. daddy issues???” one user asked.

While comments did not exclusively point out the age difference between the couple, many seemed to be doing so.

Sean and Leila have been together for a while. They started dating back in 2016. At the time, Sean was 56, with Leila being 24-years-old. The actor has, of course, made major headlines over the years for his high-profile relationships. Sean was married to pop superstar Madonna and actress Robin Wright. He has also been engaged to Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron.

Fans may have been a touch unnerved by Sean and his girlfriend today, but the couple themselves looked happy and in love.