August 7, 2019
WWE News: Hall Of Famer Confirms 'SummerSlam' Will Be 'Final' Match

WWE is bringing one of its biggest pay-per-view events of every single year to life on Sunday, and SummerSlam is looking like it is going to be great. Not only are numerous titles on the line, but two Hall of Famers are returning to the ring for matches that weren't even a reality just two weeks ago. Longtime wrestling fans need to make sure and tune in, though, as it now appears as if it will be the last-ever match for one of those legends.

One of the legends coming back was just revealed on this week's Monday Night Raw as Goldberg will be facing off against Dolph Ziggler as reported by The Inquisitr. The former World Champion wrestled The Undertaker in June and this will be only his second match in years, but he wants to make up for the last one.

As for the other Hall of Famer returning to the ring, that would be Trish Stratus who will go one-on-one with Charlotte Flair. Two of the most decorated women's superstars in wrestling history will have their first-ever match against one another, but for one, it will be her last.

Late on Wednesday afternoon, Trish Stratus hopped on her official Twitter to reveal that the first media day was done. With a couple of pictures attached, it seemed like a pretty simple post to hype up SummerSlam, but many have noticed something else she said in the tweet.

Yes, in the tweet, Stratus not only specifically said that she will face Charlotte in her "final" match, but she made sure it received a lot of attention. It seems far too coincidental for her to write out the word "FINAL" in all caps when referring to Sunday's match.

Trish hasn't truly been a regularly active in-ring competitor since back in 2006. She came back for a tag match in 2008 and had a couple more in 2009 while also wrestling twice in 2011. Last year, she appeared in the Royal Rumble and also wrestled at Evolution when she tagged with Lita.

Earlier this week on Raw, she teamed with Natalya in a disqualification loss to Becky Lynch and Charlotte, but this could truly be the end of the road.

Trish Stratus made her WWF/WWE debut in 2000, and she's never actually come out and said that she has retired. She won the WWE Women's Championship on seven different occasions, has one Hardcore Title reign, and went into the Hall of Fame in 2013. Now, it's hard to believe that she would say "final" so obviously and not mean it, but fans should definitely tune into SummerSlam if this is truly her last match ever.