August 7, 2019
Hannah Palmer Spreads Legs In Plunging Swimsuit: 'Intrigue Me'

Hannah Palmer is packing a real punch these days. The Maxim model may not have won the magazine's Cover Girl prize last year, but her fans would likely argue that she's having the last laugh. The blonde's Instagram following is rising fast on account of her sexy swimsuit updates, although this blue-eyed-blonde has more than just her fierce curves ticking boxes. With a certain innocence balancing out her racy ensembles, this Arizona native seems to bring something fresh in the world of Instagram's swimsuit faces.

Earlier today, Hannah updated her account straight from the beach. The blonde had been photographed on the sand, although the ocean behind her was somewhat blurred.

Hannah herself was in crystal-clear focus, though. She was piercing the camera with her deep gaze as she kneeled on the shores with her legs somewhat spread. Wednesday may not have been bikini day for Hannah, but this swimwear lover hadn't abandoned her favorite getup. Hannah was knocking the camera dead in a navy swimsuit with an unusual finish -- while the star's trademark ample cleavage was on display, the swimsuit had long slee

While the first photo showed Hannah shot in full-frontal positioning, the second opted for semi-profile. Here, the model gave a little pout, alongside a different view of her fit, toned, and curvy frame.

The mysterious caption from Hannah appeared to be drawing in viewers for more, although this bombshell doesn't need much to rake in the engagement. Her post had racked up over 19,000 likes within just one hour of going live. The same time frame brought over 320 fans into the comments section. Unsurprisingly, Instagram seemed to be giving Hannah and her knockout swimsuit the thumbs-up.Hannah may not share much about her life on Instagram, but she has used the platform to outline her aspirations. Speaking to Maxim about what she would do with the $25,000 Cover Girl prize if she were she lucky enough to win it last year, Hannah told the magazine what she'd do with the cash.
"My dream is to open up my own business in the beauty industry that helps homeless women and women in shelters feel beautiful again! Ever since I read an article about an esthetician using her days off to go and glam up the women at a shelter, I've always wanted to do the same. Seeing somebody feel beautiful and confident again when the world keeps knocking them down is just so empowering. As women, I think this is one of the most amazing gifts we could give each other!"