August 7, 2019
La La Anthony Crawls On The Sand In Bermuda, Gushes About Her Billboard In Times Square

La La Anthony is not shy about showing her rocking body, as proven in an August 6 Instagram pack of four pictures.

In the first entry on Tuesday, the sexy actress got up close and personal with Bermuda's sandy coastline. She seemed to be taking a break after crawling in the granular substance.

While sticking her bodacious booty in the air, La La wore an alluring swimsuit with a skintight top underneath the ocean-ready garment. The top was long-sleeved, hinting that perhaps the night air on the island was quite a bit colder than during the day.

Her dark hair was tightly pulled away from her pretty face that revealed subtle makeup, including mocha eyeliner, groomed and enhanced brows and nude lipstick. Her very long nails combed the sand as the sea lapped toward the shoreline where she was lying.

The second shot in the four-shot social media pack took place inside a very blue swimming pool. La La was still wearing her top coupled with her yellow, black and white one-piece and all of its carefully curated cutouts that captured a taut stomach and a hint of overflowing cleavage.

In this image, the Hollywood star, who calls herself an Afro-Puerto Rican, had her right hand up to her right ear, as if to zone in on a conversation not necessarily meant for her. Her left hand lightly embraced a metal railing.

The third photo showed La La was back on the sand. This time, she sat on her knees with her feet en pointe, digging down in the sand. The sticky sand stuck to her neck, her sturdy thighs and her manicured hands. Was she doing somersaults before the shot was taken?

Finally, the last upload in Bermuda put La La back in the inviting swimming pool. A bored expression was plastered on her face, obviously playing to the camera with all kinds of looks, each more expressive than the last.

After Bermuda, La La Anthony must have winged it to New York City, if her most recent post is any indication. The globetrotter uploaded a short video on Instagram that started with the camera tilted upward, catching a couple of Manhattan's mighty skyscrapers.

Suddenly, the Power actress came into view as she spoke to the camera while a city bus and a few pedestrians crossed the path behind her. After that, a billboard came into play, sporting a giant version of the big star as the urban scenery called out her Starz crime drama television show.

"Got it too good, man. It's amazing," stated Brooklyn-born La La while the camera panned from the joyous star to her signature billboard and back again.