August 7, 2019
Bella Thorne Goes Fully Topless In Bedsheets Video: 'Who's Watching?'

Bella Thorne has braved near-all on social media. The Midnight Sun actress took to her Instagram Stories earlier today with a little bedroom action, although the footage was geared toward encouraging her fans to tune into some media later today.

Bella's video showed her looking her usual, fuss-free self. The 21-year-old appeared lying amid white bedsheets and on her front. Fans likely noticed that Bella was unclothed, although her modesty was protected by the pillow she was leaning on, with a carefully-placed arm likewise shielding her. The star was seen speaking into the camera as she rested her head in her right hand.

"Who's watching?" she asked.

Given that some text announcing a speaking appearance appeared at the bottom of Bella's video, the star may well have been querying whether fans will be tuning in to see her "Tales" tonight. Then again, Bella may have been asking viewers whether they were watching her at the time of the video being posted.

Bella has been making major headlines this year. Her relationships have proven a major talking point with a fair few breakups, although the actress and author seems happy in a newly-commenced relationship with Benjamin Mascolo. This follows a split from rapper Mod Sun, with the relationship having been an "open" one with YouTuber Tana Mongeau, per People.

Elsewhere, Bella has gotten her fans talking with the release of her new book. Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray is a collection of poems that appears to have brought Bella's fans much pleasure. Much of Thorne's recent social media has centered around the promotion of her book, with colorful images showing the work's fiery-red cover matched by the actress' bright red outfits and hair.Bella has even shared some poetic moments of her own to Instagram, although her July post didn't clarify whether the words were straight from her book. Nonetheless, they proved popular, with the post and its caption currently sitting at over 1.2 million likes.
"I'm sorry for the words I said, I'm sorry for the monsters stuck under my bed I'm sorry for those stary faithful eyes I'm sorry their [sic] nothing but demise To me. To me I'm sorry my breaking point was onsite I'm sorry we'll never have another night I wish there was a brighter night, Not this dark one that only bites. Where ever u are, I hope there's a star above u that's bright That outweighs all of your dim lights. U don't have to come looking for me I'm always to ur right"
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