August 7, 2019
Ashley Jacobs Returns To 'Southern Charm,' Confronts Kathryn Dennis At Event

Ashley Jacobs is returning to Southern Charm yet again, and this time around, she's hoping to settle her differences with Kathryn Dennis after slamming her parenting and labeling her an egg donor during last year's season of the show.

In a sneak peek at the August 7 episode of Season 6, per Bravo TV, Jacobs was seen meeting with her co-star, Eliza Limehouse, to discuss her potential sit-down with her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel's ex-girlfriend.

"Do you think Kathryn would ever sit down and talk with me?" Jacobs asked.

When Limehouse hesitated, Ashley added, "I just hope I get another chance."

"Really?" a suspicious Limehouse wondered.

As the sneak peek continued, the cast of Southern Charm was seen arriving at an outdoor event where Cameran Eubanks attempted to prepare Dennis for her upcoming face-to-face encounter with her former on-screen nemesis. Then, a short time later, Jacobs arrived for a chat with Dennis.

"I'm wondering if I can have a conversation with you," Jacob told her as their co-stars looked on.

While the preview clip came to an end at that point, it's hard to say why Dennis would be open to the idea of hearing what Jacobs had to say. After all, she said horrible things about her during Season 6 and didn't appear to be at all remorseful for doing so at the time.

During an interview with People magazine last year, Jacobs addressed her potential return to Southern Charm after claiming to have split from Ravenel after about a year and a half of dating. As fans will recall, Jacobs' return to the show was far from a sure thing at the time due to her estrangement from the majority of the show's stars.

"I wish they had the decency to contact me and give me a chance. Because I would like to have a redemption story, the same way Kathryn [Dennis] did," Jacobs explained at the time.

According to Jacobs, she didn't want to return and look for a fight with her co-stars. Instead, she wanted to come back to the show and attempt to reconcile with those she's harmed.

"I'm happy to go there and say to Kathryn, 'I'm sorry. I know exactly what you went through.' I'm 33 and this is hard, I can't imagine what this is like at 21. Not to kiss her a** but I'm trying to say, 'Hey, I get it,'" she said.

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