August 7, 2019
Lindsay Lohan Sparks Prostitution Remarks As Saudi Crown Prince Rumors Spike

Lindsay Lohan is back in the news. As The Daily Mail reports, the Mean Girls actress has been making headlines for proving a no-show to filming on Australia's Have You Been Paying Attention? The 33-year-old is said to have been "resting up" ahead of her judging role on the country's version of The Masked Singer.

The Daily Mail's report encompassed various aspects of Lindsay's recent headline-making. It included a bikini-clad and ocean hair-washing Instagram video recently posted to Lindsay's account, alongside rumored reports that the redhead is "getting close" to Saudi Arabia's crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman. The newspaper linked viewers to Page Six's report that the prince has been treating the actress to private jet flights, alongside allegedly having given her some spending perks via a credit card.

It looks like The Daily Mail's readers have their thoughts on the rumors. They've been leaving their feedback over in the newspaper's comments section. Unfortunately for Lindsay, remarks pointing toward some kind of prostitution didn't paint the actress in the best light.

"He is not her date or boyfriend, he is her client........." was the most upvoted comment with over 1,000 users agreeing.

A similar suggestion proved popular, with over 550 users upvoting the comment.

"Can you imagine something like that coming at you?? She is doing it for the money, gifts, and lifestyle all paid that makes her a h*e," the user stated.

One fan responded to this.

"She's been rumored to have been doing this for years. Any semi-celeb or washed up celeb who spends time on all-inclusive packages on yachts is seeing another type of package..." they wrote.

Lohan is not the only celebrity to have raised eyebrows with activities in the Middle East. Earlier this year, former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham had her fans asking questions after a string of social media updates from glitzy locations in Dubai came with little explanation or details. As The Inquisitr reports, Farrah was accused of being a paid escort.

Comments left to today's report didn't exclusively appear out to probe Lindsay, but such remarks were scattered throughout the comments section.

"Lindsay has been working the circuit for years, specializing in middle eastern clientele," one user wrote.

As The Daily Mail reports, Lindsay and the prince met one year ago at a Formula One Grand Prix event, with sources claiming that they've forged a friendship. The actress's rep has denied any romantic involvement. Nonetheless, it looks like Lindsay has sparked some interesting comments today.