Wendy Williams' Swollen-Legged Paparazzi Pics Spark Mass Freakout

Wendy Williams has sparked concern. The 55-year-old was photographed by The Daily Mail's paparazzi yesterday as she made her way through the streets of New York City. The Wendy Williams Show host was looking summery and stylish in a skimpy, patterned miniskirt paired with a tight black top and casual sneakers.

It looks like viewers to the newspaper's report have been honing in on Wendy's legs as the star's pins did appear puffy and swollen, especially around the ankles. Those less familiar with the star's medical history may need a refresh. Wendy suffers from Grave's disease and was diagnosed with lymphoedema earlier this year, per People.

Comments from The Daily Mail's viewers may have been on the harsh side, but they were following a pattern – namely, expressing some form of worry for Wendy's swollen-looking limbs.

The most upvoted comment opened with a mention of Wendy's former husband Kevin Winter – Wendy recently rehired the 47-year-old as her business manager – but it closed with a mention of Wendy's legs.

"She desperately needs some compression socks stat! Her ankles are the size of her legs," they wrote with over 158 users agreeing.

"If you have a condition and your legs are swollen cover them up," was another popular (if hurtful) comment.

This remark saw a fan clap back in Wendy's defense.

"That's insensitive. Plenty of people out there with conditions that affect their body and outward appearance and can't help it, I admire that she's not as self-conscious and covering herself up," the user retaliated.

Health-related remarks weren't the only ones left, but they did manifest throughout the newspaper's comments section.

"Her legs scare me, I can't look at them," one user wrote with many others agreeing.

Once again, though, the user found themselves addressed for their somewhat-hurtful words.

"She has Graves which is a condition that can affect your hormones and unfortunately, one of the medications causes swelling especially in the legs. Wendy can't help it," was the reply they received.

Per People's report earlier this year, Wendy has opened up about the lymphoedema diagnosis that accompanies her Grave's disease and thyroid troubles. She revealed her diagnosis for the swelling condition on her talk show, but she kept the feel lighthearted by stating that it wasn't going to "kill" her. Wendy also appeared to be warning the general public not to make remarks on the swelling.

It looks like Wendy's words weren't heeded by today's set of viewers. Fans wishing to see more of Wendy should tune into her show or follow the star's Instagram account.