August 7, 2019
Bella Thorne's Open-Chested Paparazzi Pics Spark Hygiene Comments

Bella Thorne flies the flag for the low-frills look. The Midnight Sun actress is renowned for appearing makeup-free and void of glam as well as for taking to social media in bikinis showing unshaven armpits. None of the above seem to have damaged this beauty's career.

Photos of Bella arriving in Miami, Florida, for a signing of her latest Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray book were published earlier today. The Daily Mail snapped the book's author in the street as she carried a copy of her work. The actress was stylishly clad in a robe-style dress in white-piped blacks. The buttoned number was covering a pair of frilled shorts, with the star's long pins on show. Likewise being flashed was Bella's cleavage, although the dress's open-chested design was far from vulgar.

Fans would likely argue that a makeup-free Bella looked radiant and happy – she was, after all, photographed with a smile on her face.

Viewers to The Daily Mail's images have been leaving their thoughts over in the newspaper's comments section. Unfortunately for Bella, comments probing the star's hygiene were both multiple and upvoted.

"How is it she always looks like she needs a good wash," a user wrote with 25 others agreeing.

"She still needs a good wash" proved similarly popular.

"Ewww, looks dirty," another wrote.

The most upvoted comment didn't appear directly geared toward hygiene, but it nonetheless seemed to be expressing negative sentiments with regards to Bella's appearance.

"She confuses me. She could have been an absolute superstar. She was stunning, a decent actress, had a good fanbase.. Why choose to look like a washed up old addict," the user stated.

Fortunately for Bella, not all the responses were slamming. The star was told that she appears much better since splitting from boyfriend Mod Sun earlier this year, with another throwing her praise overall.

"Say what you want but she has got that special something. All the films I've seen her in shes been pretty good too!" they said.

Bella seems to harness a carefree approach to life. This star may operate in an industry dominated by glam squads and glitzy social media images, but Bella bucks the trend. Her fuss-free look is her trademark, although the star will appear tastefully made-up with her hair done for the social media images promoting her latest work. As followers of Bella's Instagram will know, her book appears to have packed a punch as Bella recently announced that copies were flying off shelves to the point of being "sold out."

Fans wishing to see more of Bella should follow the star's Instagram account.