Wells Adams Shares Teasers About Wedding To Sarah Hyland, 'Bachelor In Paradise' Bartender Says It'll Be Huge

Fan-favorite veteran Wells Adams is back in Bachelor in Paradise again, but he certainly isn't there looking for love. He is mixing drinks, giving out advice, and lending moral support just as he has the past couple of summers. In his everyday life, he's doing some wedding planning with Modern Family star and new fiancee Sarah Hyland.

Wells proposed to Sarah not long ago, but it sounds as if the couple is already pinning down plenty of key details regarding their upcoming nuptials. Adams just shared some teasers via The LadyGang podcast and as ET Online notes, he said that it'll be a huge event. In part, that is seemingly due to the fact he comes from a large family.

The Bachelor in Paradise star explained that he is one of five kids and he has nine nephews and nieces. He knows his family will make up a fair portion of the guest list, but he acknowledged that otherwise, most of the planning is Sarah's call.

It sounds as if Adams anticipates that Hyland will keep her maiden name rather than take his last name. Wells shares that he told Sarah he doesn't have any ego about this type of thing and he knows she built her career using this name. It sounds as if it's not a decision she has necessarily made yet, and Wells is leaving it up to her.

Who will be officiating the ceremony for Wells and Sarah? Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison would be a natural pick, as he has taken on that role for some other couples from the franchise. However, as E! Online details, it seems that Adams and Hyland want Chris to attend as a guest rather than as an ordained minister.

What Wells isn't sharing any teasers about yet is the actual date of the nuptials. Granted, Adams and Hyland have only been engaged for a few weeks and she is gearing up to film her last season of Modern Family. Based on recent social media posts from both stars, it certainly appears that they're digging right into the planning process. However, they aren't sharing all of the intimate details quite yet.

Fans would have loved to have seen Wells Adams find love via Bachelor in Paradise, as he did participate as a contestant a few seasons ago. However, once he connected with Sarah Hyland, his days looking for love were over.

Many Bachelor in Paradise viewers adore watching Wells in this bartender spot and hope he'll continue to return for many seasons to come. As for those wedding plans, everybody will have to stay tuned for now to see what Wells and Sarah share next.