Fans See A Possible Future For Theo And Phyllis On 'The Young And The Restless'

Earlier this week, Theo and Phyllis shared a scene on The Young and the Restless that had fans asking for more. Sure, Theo is currently seeing Phyllis's daughter Summer, but that doesn't seem to stop people on daytime dramas.

It was not that long ago, last summer in fact, that Summer (Hunter King) made a bet with Kyle (Michael Mealor) that she could bed Billy (Jason Thompson) before the season ended. At the time, Billy and Summer's mother, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) were dating. Although Summer ultimately admitted defeat, she and Billy did end up sleeping together after Sharon (Sharon Case) outed Phyllis's one-night stand with Nick (Joshua Morrow). Billy used Summer as revenge against both Nick and Phyllis, but so far, only Phyllis knows the details of their one night together.

Now, Summer seems like she's given up on reigniting a romance with Kyle, and she is seeing Kyle's friend from New York, Theo (Tyler Johnson). They're having a good time together, but it does not seem like things are super-serious between Theo and Summer. When Theo teamed up with Phyllis on the grand opening of The Grand Phoenix Hotel, Summer wasn't entirely pleased, but he convinced her to showcase some of her own talents during the big event.

Yesterday, according to The Inquisitr's daily Y&R recap, Phyllis and Theo connected during a meeting they had to discuss the details of the hotel's opening event. During that scene, Theo told Phyllis how much she fascinated him since she'd worked her way up from nothing just like he had, which is different than Kyle's experience or even Summer's.

Fans instantly noticed a spark between the two, as several wanted to see them hook up. They even created a couple name for them -- Thyllis.

"Just look at that sexual tension! #YR #Thyllis," tweeted an intrigued viewer.

While many viewers disagreed because they want to see Phyllis support Summer for once, several others felt like the pairing is inevitable.

"If Theo was sitting across from me, I don't even want to think about what I would do. He is delicious, and I see Phyllis plotting how to take him away from Summer #YR,' admitted another.

A mother-daughter love triangle is not unheard of in Genoa City to share a romantic relationship with her daughter's significant other. In fact, Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Abby (Melissa Ordway), and Ben "Stitch" Rayburn (Sean Carrigan) had quite a tangled relationship before Stich and Abby eventually married. Ultimately Abby and Ben divorced, and Stitch left Genoa City.