Spoilers For Wednesday's 'General Hospital': Cameron's In Danger After Crossing Shiloh's Path

Fans are buzzing over the cliffhanger that came at the end of Tuesday's General Hospital. Spoilers tease that the action will pick up on Wednesday where it left off, and everybody wants to see that Cameron is unharmed.

During Tuesday's show, Jason found Sam and saved her, but Cameron crossed an injured Shiloh's path and things took a daunting turn. Shortly after Cam saw Shiloh and acknowledged that he knew who the man was, viewers saw the same spot deserted, the garbage Cam had been collecting strewn around.

The sneak peek for Wednesday's show teases General Hospital spoilers indicating that Shiloh will appear at Dr. Cabot's door and tell him he's got the patient they needed. Shiloh originally wanted to use Jason in his quest to transplant Drew's memories into someone else. However, Jason got the best of him, and now it looks as if he'll believe that he can use Cameron to get what he wants.

Is Shiloh going to have Cabot put Drew's memories into Cam's brain? That seems unlikely. However, fans have speculated that somehow Franco would be pulled into this, and having Cameron missing could explain how this takes place.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that viewers will see more of Shiloh developing his next steps during Wednesday's show. However, it sounds as if the situation with Cameron will take a bit longer to be resolved.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Elizabeth gets an alarming call of some sort during Thursday's show. Now, it would certainly appear that this will be about Cam being missing.

Where will this head next? General Hospital spoilers indicate that next Wednesday, Elizabeth will fill Franco in on what she knows. The following day, Liz and Drew are shocked by something.

It would appear that Shiloh will likely try to use Cameron as collateral to get what he wants. Whether he tries to force Jason into this again or he starts to consider Franco a suitable substitute doesn't seem clear quite yet.

However, it does seem probable that Franco will offer to do whatever it takes to save Cameron, even if it means sacrificing himself. As twisted as this all may seem, some fans would suggest that the groundwork has been laid over the past few weeks for this to go down.

Cameron and Franco have struggled to bond, but Cam made a touching speech in accepting Franco at the couple's recent wedding reception. In addition, Liz and Jason had a tense conversation last week about Jason's resistance in accepting Franco.

Will Franco end up being the hero as this plays out, sacrificing himself to save Elizabeth's son Cameron? Drew, Jason, Sam, Sonny, and Curtis are all scrambling to deal with this situation right now, and at least for the moment, it appears that Shiloh thinks he's regained the upper hand.

Additional General Hospital spoilers about where this heads next should emerge soon. Neither Jason nor Franco is Cameron's biological father, as the long-gone Zander Smith actually has that honor. However, both Jason and Franco, surely along with Drew, will probably go to great lengths and do whatever is needed to ensure that Elizabeth's son is safe and away from Shiloh as soon as they can manage it.

Fans may have thought they had a lot of the upcoming developments in this storyline figured out, but this does seem to be a twist nobody saw coming. General Hospital spoilers hint that this situation will generate even more enemies for Shiloh before all is said and done, and viewers are anxious to see what comes next.