'Shameless' Star Emma Kenney Exposes Toned Midriff & Cuddles Puppy

Emma Kenney — known for her role as Debbie Gallagher in Shameless — kicked off the week by sharing a softer and less glamorous side of herself with her 1.5 million Instagram followers.

The post featured five adorable snapshots of Emma sans makeup as she cuddled with her small black puppy.

The first photo attached to the post was of Kenney smiling while looking up at the camera with her small black pup resting on his back in her arms.

Emma rocked a white crop top with a pink-and-purple floral pattern with beige-colored pinstripe bottoms. The angle at which the first photo and some of the other photos were snapped allowed Kenney to expose just a hint of her toned pale midriff for the camera.

Kenney's messy red locks were pulled back into a ponytail as she posed with her pup in several different positions.

In the second photo, Emma beamed with a closed-mouth smile as her pup turned his head to give his beloved owner a lick on the cheek.

The third snapshot contained Kenney with her face pressed against her pup's as he looked to be smiling and sticking his tongue out for the camera.

In the last photo, the puppy was back to resting on his back in the arms of Emma as she pressed her face against his and nuzzled him.

Both Emma and her pup looked to be incredibly happy to be in each other's company. In the caption of the collection of photos, Emma referred to the little guy as her baby.

Emma's followers quickly flooded the photos with over 50,000 likes and just shy of 200 comments.

Actress Brielle Barbusca was quick to take to the comments to gush over how adorable the photo collection was.

Model and actress Larsen Thompson also showed the post a little love with a simple, "Aww."

Many of her fans took to the comments to ask an assortment of questions about the pup such as what breed the dog was and what the dog's name was.

As those who follow Kenney know, she is currently hard at work producing Season 10 of Shameless. It was just last week that the network confirmed the Season 10 premiere for November 3.

The same day Showtime announced the Season 10 release date, Kenny also treated her fans to two adorable throwback photos of herself.

The first snapshot featured a very young Emma who appeared to be pouting while walking toward a set of stairs. In the second photo, fans learned why the young actress was pouting as she stood in the corner as if she had just been scolded for something.