Lisa Rinna's Bikini Pic Shows Anorexia Recovery From Daughter Amelia

Lisa Rinna has shared a beautiful photo of her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to Instagram earlier today with a snap of the 18-year-old wowing the cameras in a beach setting. As fans of the 56-year-old star know, her daughter has braved a very open battle with anorexia nervosa. Amelia went public with her illness last year, with fans thrilled to see her recovery journey since.

Lisa's photo showed Amelia sitting at a shaded table backed by sand and the ocean in the distance. Amelia was not shot full-length, but her glowing face and summer body showed fans she was the picture of health. Amelia was looking trendy in a color-coordinated look of greens as the hues manifested from a bikini top and matching shades atop the brunette's head.

Amelia didn't seem out to flaunt her physique in any way as the camera took in her stunning frame. Her strong arms and slim back manifested via the amount of skin on show, with fans likely agreeing that Amelia was owning her recovery body.

Amelia looked right into the camera with a direct and piercing gaze, a slight air of mystery, and an overall relaxed vibe. The moment appeared to be candid.

Amelia first mentioned her anorexia on social media last year. The decision to go public appeared to be a brave one, with further updates documenting the star's recovery journey. Photos of Amelia looking worryingly unwell are still live on her account, but reaching them requires scrolling past pictures of Amelia looking much healthier.Amelia has even given a full interview centering around her eating disorder and her recovery mindset. Speaking to Glamour, the teen mentioned a swimwear snap of herself that had sparked concern.
"The photo of me in the white bikini that I chose to accompany the post has become my infamous anorexia photo. When I'd taken it a year earlier, I remember I wasn't allowed to post it. My mom knew I looked unhealthy and she didn't want me to open myself up to a flood of public shaming from the internet. I think that's ultimately why I used that photo—it was taken at one of my worst moments, and it showed just how far I'd come."
Lisa's update today proved well-received, racking up more than 4,300 likes within just one hour of going live.

Amelia joins other celebrities who have spoken out about their eating disorders. Sufferers have included singer Demi Lovato, actress Lily Collins and Arrested Development star Portia de Rossi.