Jennifer Lopez, 50, Shows Off Toned Abs And Perky Derriere In Workout Video With Fiancé Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez flaunts her fit physique in a new workout video on her fiancé Alex Rodriguez's YouTube channel, reported People. The fit couple filmed their workout in a gym near the Dallas Cowboys' practice field, just hours before J.Lo was set to perform for her It's My Party tour.

The singer, 50, looked incredible in a cream-colored sports bra and leggings. Her toned abs and famous derriere were on full display. The mother of two slicked her highlighted hair back in a bun.

In the video, Alex discussed the importance of clean eating. Jennifer agreed that a good diet is necessary in order to stay fit, but revealed she craves sugar, especially after a performance.

"I want comfort, you know what I mean? But that's like the devil; it's like the little demons coming to get you..." said the 50-year-old. "After a show I just want a cookie, I want a cupcake, I feel like I've just danced for two hours so I want something."

In March, the singer claimed she was addicted to sugar and proceeded to go on an intense, 10-day cleanse, noted People. J.Lo's trainer, Dodd Romero, believed removing sugar from her diet would help her look her best. Jennifer revealed on Ellen with Ellen DeGeneres that she suffered withdrawal symptoms.

"Not only do you get a headache, but you feel like you're in an alternate reality or universe," recalled the singer. "You realize that you're addicted to sugar. And I'm thinking about it all the time. I'm like, 'When can I have sugar again?'"


J.Lo noted the headaches eventually subsided and her mental state improved. She continued to state she no longer craves sugar as much as she did.

In the YouTube video, titled "The Grind Continues- It's My Party Tour Workout With Jennifer," the stunner is seen doing weighted rows and crunches.

Her soon-to-be husband showed off his impressive biceps with arm curls.

A-Rod was supportive of his fiancee throughout the workout. Despite warnings to not touch him because he was sweaty, J.Lo hugged her man and gave him a sweet smooch.


In a 2016 interview with Hello!, the Monster-in-Law star stated she rarely drinks alcohol, never smokes, and abstains from having coffee in order to stay looking ageless. J.Lo also confided she takes fitness supplements and hydrates regularly. The singer noted working out not only allows her to maintain her fabulous figure, but does wonders for her mental health.

To see more of Jennifer, be sure to watch the upcoming movie Hustlers, opening in theaters on September 13.