Michael Jackson's Former Maid Adrian McManus Says He Met With 'Child Companions' When Lisa Presley Was Out

The spotlight continues to hit Michael Jackson's life following the revelation that his ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, is penning a tell-all book about their relationship. Per The Inquisitr, Sandy Domz, a former assistant at Jackson's Neverland Ranch, claims the King of Pop used to spray perfume on Presley's underwear and throw them on the floor to fake the appearance of a passionate relationship.

Now, The Sun reports that Adrian McManus, one of Jackson's former maids, claims that Jackson "used" Presley for appearances. She also claims that the singer would invite "child companions" over when Presley was out of the home.

"When she left the estate Michael would never talk to anyone about her or being with her," she said. "I can remember distinct days when she would leave and then a couple of hours later his child companions would arrive ⁠— and his focus was totally them."

Of course, many rumors surround Jackson's life and his marriage to Presley. Per The Inquisitr, an old 1994 article in The Washington Post revealed that some ex-Scientologists believe the Church of Scientology arranged the pair's marriage.

Lawrence Wollersheim, a former Scientology celebrity handler who won a lawsuit against the church for brainwashing, claims that the religion is notorious for arranging marriages and divorces for the purposes of appearance. In addition, many former members of the church claim that celebrities are targeted for their money.

"Stars are heavily recruited, and you can be sure that Michael Jackson was targeted," said one ex-Scientologist.

Jackson's legacy has also been under fire for alleged sexual abuse of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who chronicle their accusations in the controversial HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. As The Inquisitr previously reported, American musician Sheryl Crow believes the accusations against the "Smooth Criminal" singer are true and claims that the people close to Jackson enabled him to abuse young boys.

"It's like a death in the family, you know? It's sad," she said in an interview with The Guardian.

"I feel like there was just a huge network of people that allowed all that to go on," she said later in the interview. "It's just tragic."

But not everyone is convinced. Jackson's former bodyguard Matt Fiddes and the Jackson estate's lawyers, John Branca and Howard Weitzman, believe that the accusations are false. Fiddes claims that there's no possible way the pop star could have sexually abused children unnoticed, while Branca claims that the accusations are a part of a racist movement that wants to denigrate Jackson's legacy.