'Southern Charm' Star Shep Rose Faces Major Backlash After Mocking A Homeless Woman

Southern Charm star Shep Rose was slammed by fans after mocking a homeless woman, reports the Daily Mail.

The television personality filmed a video of a transient woman in Manhattan's East Village and posted it to his Instagram Stories on Monday. The woman, who was seen sitting on a stool on the sidewalk, appeared uncomfortable about being filmed.

"No!" she repeatedly said, as she covered her face with her hands.

Despite her pleas, Shep continued filming. He proceeded to make a double entendre about her pile of plastic bags filled with soda cans.

"Look at me, nice cans! I mean, the cans you have," quipped the reality star.

On the top of the video, Shep wrote the woman was merely shy but enjoyed their interaction. The Bravo star claimed the woman even laughed.

Twitter users were quick to criticize the reality star. Shep, however, did not apologize for his actions. Instead, he appeared to be unbothered by his critics, further upsetting fans.

"Was really, REALLY disappointed in that video you posted harassing a homeless woman who clearly did not want to be filmed," chastised a fan.

"Doesn't matter. You follow me. You can easily get out of the situation. It's not a binding contract. I am not responsible for your happiness. If I miss the mark in your mind just keep scrolling," he replied.

Various Twitter users attempted to get Shep fired from Southern Charm by tagging Bravo boss Andy Cohen and Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith in their messages, according to People.

Shep likened these fans to high school students trying to get him sent to the principal's office.


"shep is trash pls someone get him off this show @Andy #southerncharm @ShepRose," stated another commenter.

"And yet here you are following me on all social media," retorted Shep.

Other fans went on to say Shep did not seem remorseful for his actions. The reality star sarcastically wrote he will attend sensitivity training, followed by a public flogging. Then, he will move to Siberia for several months in order for his fans to forgive him.

Shep has since deleted the controversial clip.

Last week, the reality star was involved with other drama. People reported Shep's Southern Charm costar Madison LeCroy accused him of giving Danni Baird chlamydia. Both Shep and Danni have since denied the allegations.

To see more of Shep, be sure to watch Southern Charm, airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.