Mackenzie McKee Reveals Hardest Scene To Film For 'Teen Mom OG'

On Monday night, Mackenzie McKee made her Teen Mom OG debut as a guest mom. Her gripping storyline was focused on a confrontation with her husband about possible cheating.

She also broke down as she talked about her mom's cancer. Although Mackenzie has been open about her mom's illness, a talk with her mom about a new chemotherapy treatment caused her to cry. On social media August 6, Mackenzie revealed that the most difficult scene for her to film was when her mom, Angie Douthit, opened up about her cancer treatments.

"I just want to see you get better. That's all I want, and if it doesn't happen I'm gonna get really mad," Mackenzie said, according to Us Weekly.

"It's like all my siblings were this perfect cup of glass and I was a cup of glass that was shattered, and you were the glue that was holding it all together. When that glue melts, I don't know what I'm going to do."
Mackenzie shared a clip of the scene on Twitter, writing, "These past 17 months have put us all in such a dark place. God is our strength."

Fans reached out to the mom of three and commended her for her strength. That is when Mackenzie revealed just how hard it was for her to film that scene with her mom.

Mackenzie McKee is not a stranger to MTV. She appeared on Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant. On the cable show, she and Josh found out they were expecting a baby together.

Then, the couple's story was featured on the short-lived Teen Mom 3, which only lasted for one season. Still, through it all, Mackenzie has maintained a strong social media presence.

At one point, rumors flew that this reality star would be added to the full time cast of Teen Mom, but her Teen Mom 3 co-star Briana DeJesus was eventually awarded the spot. After that, Mackenzie filmed a one-hour special for MTV during which time cameras caught up with her and her ever evolving life.

Earlier this year, rumors once again began to circulate stating that Mackenzie could be joining the OG family. Currently, she is a "guest mom," but some suggest she actually may be added to the cast full time next season.

For now, fans can catch up with Mackenzie McKee and her family, along with the rest of the Teen Mom OG cast, on Monday nights on MTV.