Kate Moss Stuns At 45 In The Tiniest Gray Bikini

Kate Moss is showing off her incredible figure during her vacation in Saint-Tropez.

According to The Daily Mail, the supermodel enjoyed a relaxing day out on a large yacht on Tuesday, August 6, soaking up some sun and going for a swim in the sea. Photos obtained by the news outlet showed the 45-year-old showing off her age-defying beauty in the tiniest gray bikini, proving that age is, in fact, just a number.

The British beauty looked nothing short of stunning as she enjoyed some fun in the sun while rocking her itty-bitty two-piece, which did nothing but favors for her flawless physique. Kate's minuscule gray top was barely enough to contain her voluptuous assets, which nearly spilled out of its dangerously low scoop neckline, leaving ample cleavage very much within eyesight. A small knot fell right in the middle of her exposed chest to attach the two cups together, drawing even more attention to her busty display.

Meanwhile, the matching bottoms of the set were equally as risqué. The piece covered only what was necessary, showing off Kate's long, sexy stems while its cutout waistband sat low on her hips to accentuate her trim waist and famous curves. A few photos that caught the model with her backside to the camera revealed the swimsuit's cheeky cut, which exposed a considerable amount of her booty.

The cover girl added to her skimpy ensemble with a slew of jewelry. She rocked a dainty necklace and hoop earrings and adorned her fingers with a slew of rings for even more sparkle. Her signature blonde tresses were worn in a messy bun, though she later took them down before diving into the refreshing water. Kate also sported a makeup-free look, which let her striking features and natural beauty shine.

Viewers of The Daily Mail's report were appropriately impressed by Kate's bikini display and expressed their admiration in the comments section of the article.

"She looks good and happy!" one person wrote in a comment that has thus far received 15 upvotes, while another noted that she looked "natural."

"Still a very pretty woman," commented a third.

The night before, The Daily Mail noted that the stunner enjoyed an evening out with her long time pal Sadie Frost. The pair enjoyed a stroll through Saint-Tropez while indulging in a bit of ice cream. Kate exuded glamour during the outing by rocking a black mini dress with a plunging V-neckline while added a bit of boho edge with a thick studded belt.