Transgender Actress Trace Lysette Poses Nude for ‘Women’s Health’ Magazine, Says Photo Shoot Was ‘Liberating’

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Trace Lysette posted nude for Women’s Health Naked Strength issue, which she described as an incredibly empowering experience given the pressures she faces as a transgender woman, according to an article dictated by the actress for Women’s Health.

In the photo, the Transparent actress posed nude against a tree with her side turned toward the camera. With one hand, she supported herself against the tree while the other rested on the knee of her bent leg, strategically covering her side boob. With the other leg stretched out behind her, the 31-year-old showed off her flawless figure and ample backside while gazing unsmiling at the camera. She wore her long, brown, curly hair loose and flowing down her back while her face was made up with subtle eye makeup and pink lips.

In the article, Trace opened up about being transgender and a woman and the restraints she faces identifying with both groups.

“As women, we are told not to show our bodies, and as trans people, we’ve been told not to exist. There is something so liberating and beautiful about being naked on your own terms.”

The actress went on to talk about her experience coming out to the public when she landed the role as Shea on the Amazon Video web television series. Describing it as liberating, the Ohio native said she was finally able to live her truth.

Despite the liberation that came with being finally able to live as her authentic self, Trace said that she still feels the pain and struggle of looking in the mirror and hating her body, and that she’s still on her journey of self love and acceptance. Additionally, the actress said she feels the pressure of looking a certain way that is projected onto women, and especially trans women, in modern-day society.

“As a trans woman, I still feel pressure to fit into a mold that cis-hetero society deems ‘beautiful.'”

Trace affirmed that trans women should be accepted and celebrated, whether they look a little bit more on the masculine side of the spectrum or if their appearance is more feminine. Ultimately, the actress said she finds comfort in knowing that she is not alone in her experiences.

“But I always try to remind myself that I’m not the only one who has gone through this. I’m not the only trans woman that has had to try and figure out self-acceptance, self-worth, and self-love.”