Kylie Jenner's Fans Slam Travis Scott For Wasting Roses In Cute Birthday Surprise

Kylie Jenner was shocked to find out her beau, Travis Scott, had left her a huge surprise at their mansion ahead of her birthday festivities.

The beauty mogul arrived home on Monday night only to be met with an entirely pink rose-filled house, to the delight of both her and her baby daughter, Stormi Webster, who was having the greatest time playing with the petals. Kylie, who turns 22 on August 10, shared a video of her walking into the house on her Instagram stories, captioning it, "this man covered my house in roses OMG!!!!! @travisscott."

She also filmed the whole thing from the upper floor and even shared a hilarious clip showing one of Stormi's Barbie dolls lost in the middle of the thick rose petal layer. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star later posted a video to her actual feed, which also showed the card he left her. "Happy Birthday!!!! We're just getting started. Love you!!!!" Judging by Kylie's friends' comments on Instagram, Travis clearly scored a lot of points in the attentive boyfriend category.

"That man loves you," said family friend Khadijah Haqq, while Scott Disick's girlfriend, Sofia Richie, wrote, "Wow just wow." However, it seems like not everyone agreed that the whole rose-filled house was a good idea. In fact, many of Kylie's Instagram and Twitter followers labeled the sweet gesture "wasteful," claiming that just thinking about the clean-up operation was giving them "anxiety," per The Daily Mail.

"Am I really the only one who thinks this is an incredible waste of money and energy for all involved? So much show," one person wrote, while someone else agreed. "What Travis did for Kylie with the rose petals was cute n all that but... can you imagine the clean up operation. My hoover would break. Anxiety levels at an all time high."

Indeed, many expressed their concern for whoever was going to be responsible for the cleaning, with funny memes flooding Twitter. This is not the first time Travis has surprised his baby mama with some flower-related romantic gesture, and some people joked that the billionaire's maids were simply "preparing themselves for another nights shift of clearing up roses."

Regardless of people's opinions, it is clear that the rapper has big plans for the upcoming birthday weekend, and he is not the only one. Kylie is also gifting her fans a new money-themed b-day collection, the proceeds of which will be entirely given to charity.