Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Defend Justin Bobby's Date, Lindsey Pelas, After Body-Shaming On 'The Hills'

Justin Bobby Brescia knows how to make an entrance. On The Hills: New Beginnings, Justin brought a knockout date—Instagram model Lindsey Pelas—to a Friendsgiving gathering at Frankie Delgados's house, but his on-and-off ex, Audrina Patridge, was not feeling friendly about it.

Lindsey, who wore a low-cut white shirt to the event, was cordial to her date's ex, but behind the scenes, the green-eyed monster took over. In a recap of the MTV reality show posted by TV Line, the noncommittal Justin Bobby revealed he met the blonde bombshell on Instagram and that they were still trying to figure out where things were going with their relationship. But a jealous Audrina had her own commentary about Lindsey, saying, " I guess if you got it flaunt it…This chick is literally serving her boobs on a platter… for everyone."

In the kitchen, Audrina and some of her female pals, including Ashley Wahler, joked about the "inflatables" that were hanging from Lindsey's DDD chest, and Audrina said in a confessional interview that she has never seen Justin date a girl "like" Lindsey before.

After the episode aired, Audrina's Hills: New Beginnings costars, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, blasted the body-shaming that went on behind the scenes.

"Talk all the sh*t you want about your castmates, but to body-shame Lindsey like that? Y'all are [trash]," Spencer tweeted.

Heidi also weighed in on Twitter as she defended Lindsey Pelas.

"Audrina's beef is with Justin, not Lindsey. Let's not bring down other women because some dudes are dogs. #TheHills."
Several fans of the MTV reality show also reacted to the unfair response to Lindsey, who was just a guest at the party and did nothing at all to Audrina or anyone else on The Hills: New Beginnings cast.
Sadly, this is not new turf for the Instagram star. Lindsey previously told Cosmopolitan that she is often taunted, bullied, and slut-shamed for the way she looks.
"I used to feel really upset when I read nasty comments. But now I feel it's just a display of ignorance. I'm not mad at you if you want to call me a ho — I'm mad at your mom and dad, I'm mad at your educators, I'm mad at your society that you think that that's OK."
Lindsey told the magazine that she likes to wear sexy clothes and feels proud to display her large breasts, adding that she likes "being a bombshell" and loves wearing bikinis.

"I'm not actually a slut," Lindsey clarified. "The fact that I'm wearing a short dress doesn't make me a slut. I refuse to accept the word 'slut' as part of my description. It's misogyny."

There is no word if Lindsey Pelas will appear on any future episodes of The Hills, but she is rumored to have been dating Justin Bobby earlier this year. The two have also worked together at meet-and-greets and fan appearances, so it is possible she could pop up again on the MTV reboot. The Instagram model has not yet commented on The Hills: New Beginnings scene in which she was body-shamed.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.