NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Are 'Absolutely' Interested In Trading For Andre Iguodala, Per 'The Athletic'

The trade rumors surrounding recent Memphis Grizzlies acquisition Andre Iguodala may have cooled down in recent weeks, but a few of them still swirl around the former NBA Finals MVP. One such rumor suggests that the Dallas Mavericks are hoping to land the 35-year-old wingman, provided they can come up with an acceptable trade package for the Grizzlies.

In a report published on Monday, Tim Cato of subscriber-only outlet The Athletic reported on five teams that may "covet" Iguodala, who the Grizzlies acquired earlier in the offseason from the Golden State Warriors. As cited by Bleacher Report, the Mavericks were among those teams, as Cato noted that they are "absolutely" interested in making a deal for the veteran at the "right price." However, it was also pointed out that Dallas might have some difficulty putting together a satisfactory offer, as Memphis continues to hold onto Iguodala in hopes of getting a draft pick or a promising youngster in return.

According to Cato, the Mavericks don't have too many options at the moment, given that they had traded multiple future draft picks to the New York Knicks in the Kristaps Porzingis deal from earlier this year and are also unwilling to give up incoming second-year point guard Jalen Brunson. As such, Dallas' best bet might be to offer their 2025 first-round pick to the Grizzlies in a possible trade for Iguodala.

This isn't the first time that the Dallas Mavericks have been mentioned as a potential suitor for Andre Iguodala. As reported last month by The Inquisitr, the Mavericks supposedly offered veteran shooting guard Courtney Lee and a future second-round pick to Memphis in exchange for the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, but were apparently turned down as the Grizzlies were "unwilling to take on" Lee's contract, which is set to pay him more than $12.7 million in the coming 2019-20 campaign.

Per Bleacher Report, interest in Iguodala appears to have cooled since the time the Grizzlies acquired him from the Warriors due to the "prohibitive" nature of his contract. As he will be earning $17.2 million in the 2019-20 season, many teams appear to be unable to match salaries with the Grizzlies or unwilling to part ways with players who could make a potential deal happen.

As further explained by Bleacher Report, it remains unclear if Iguodala wants to suit up for the rebuilding Grizzlies after several years playing a key role for a dominant force in the league. However, the publication suggested that Memphis could wait until December 15 to make a move, as that would be the earliest date that teams could trade the free agents they signed in the offseason. This, as noted, could give the Grizzlies more options if they ultimately decide to trade Iguodala or if he asks to be traded.