Miley Cyrus Strips Down To Her Underwear In Racy Throwback Photo On Instagram

Miley Cyrus went searching way back in the photo album for her latest post, a tribute to National Underwear Day.

The pop star chose a major throwback picture from 2013, when she was on the cover of V Magazine, shot by the icon himself, Mario Testino. Taking to her Instagram stories, Miley shared a super-sexy snap from the shoot, which at the time marked the end of her Hannah Montana era, and the beginning of her transformation from Disney star to the provocative, mature artist that she is today.

In the photo, the 26-year-old dons a pair of black high-waist underwear with some white details, as well as a plunging white blazer that she wears with nothing underneath, allowing her to showcase her assets. She even lifts up the jacket with her right hand to further expose her bottoms, in a clear departure from her previous child star persona.

Miley paired the skimpy outfit with some black boots and wore an array of accessories, including several bracelets, some rings across her fingers, and a couple of statement necklaces. In order to showcase her newfound punk-type personality, she rocked short hair, which she dyed in different colors for the cover shoot. For that particular snap, she donned purple hair, which contrasted with her bright red lipstick.

Fans will remember that Miley was involved in a series of controversies back in the day, including her raunchy performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMAs. But she then reinvented her musical identity again, coming back as a softer, less sexual, and more country-inspired version of herself. This happened around the same time she got in a serious relationship with Australian hunk, Liam Hemsworth.

However, just when fans thought she had left her rebel persona behind, Miley recently returned to the limelight with new music, proving that she will continue fighting for the freedom to express herself how she wants to. In the music video for her new feminist anthem, "Mother's Daughter," the singer is seen rocking some sexy red latex outfits while belting out the lyrics, "Don't f*** with my freedom."

She has also been posting a lot more sexy photos on social media lately, including some underwear and bikini snaps that basically knocked Instagram dead. According to The Inquisitr, many online users claim they "pity" her husband Liam for having to deal with her antics.

"l thought she might have settled down a bit when she married Liam he has a lot to put up with," one person wrote.