Emily Ratajkowski's Selfie With Hubby Leads To Hateful Comments

Emily Ratajkowski shared a new Instagram selfie, and it has led to some hateful comments. The photo showed her smiling next to Sebastian Bear-McClard. The model revealed in the captions that he was asleep when she took the photo. She asked if it was weird that she took the photo, which led to plenty of critics taking the opportunity to make some jabs.

"It is weird that you're dating him," said one hater.

"Not nearly as weird as how you two are married #boom#tipyourwaitresses #heynow," responded another.

"No it's weird that you sleep with him," commented an Instagram user.

But this isn't to say that Emily's fans weren't there to defend the couple. Many commented on how they see exactly why Emily is into Sebastian, while others called people out for their "superficial" comments.

Not that it stopped people from adding their two cents.

"People have been saying this for years about him," said a follower, referring to Sebastian and his looks.

"Lol he looks so odd you deserve better honey :))" said a fan.

A female follower responded, and wanted to know more.

"What is better? What does she deserve?" they asked.

"Well she is a beauty dont you thinh she deserves a better looking guy?" responded the critic.

But it wasn't long before someone noticed a pattern with the negative comments.

"D*mn everyone here are such haters. Of course it's the men.. jealous," said a fan.

"Yup, all of those guys wanna date her," added a follower.

It's not hard to imagine that there is a ton of jealous men. After all, Emily has over 23.7 million followers on Instagram alone. And her marriage to Sebastian seemed to happen out of nowhere, thanks to their choice to keep their relationship private.

Hopefully, this episode of haters won't stop Emrata from sharing more selfies with her hubby in the future.

For loyal fans, the photo was a welcome sight. It showed Emily smiling with her lips closed while rocking nude lipstick and heavy mascara. She wore a black tank top and had her hair down in a middle part. Her accessories included gold earrings and a necklace with an "S" charm.

Meanwhile, Sebastian wore a light blue or gray shirt and pursed his lips in his sleep. Thanks to the lighting, his eyebrows were hard to see. This also led to a ton of critical comments about Bear-McClard.

Whatever the case, the photo's received over 570,000 likes so far.