WWE News: Chris Jericho Responds To Matt Riddle After 'NXT' Superstar Doubles Down On Earlier Comments

It would seem that Chris Jericho is the latest WWE legend being targeted by NXT superstar Matt Riddle as he continues to antagonize the company's greats on social media. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the "King of Bros" didn't seem too impressed on Monday when Jericho offered him some advice on how to cut promos against rivals. However, this only marked the beginning of a Twitter feud that seemed to heat up as the day continued.

According to Wrestling Inc., Riddle shared a video on Monday morning where he appeared to double down on the remarks he tweeted earlier in the day about Jericho and other wrestlers who had previously competed for WWE's top 1990s rival, World Championship Wrestling (WCW). In this clip, Riddle also suggested that his ongoing beef with former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg is a legitimate one and not part of any ongoing storyline.

"[A]t the end of the day, when future wrestlers come in, or somebody wants to get into this business, or a passionate fan wants to watch something good, I doubt they're going to pull up a Bill Goldberg match," Riddle said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

"They're going to pull up one of my matches, or Kurt Angle's matches, or Chris Benoit's matches, or Shawn Michaels', or Bret Hart's, and I'll go on. But Goldberg's not in the category or less."
Focusing his attention on Jericho, Riddle continued his video rant by referencing the AEW star's earlier advice and saying that he should be the one who's listening and learning. He threatened to "beat the s**t" out of Jericho while also suggesting that he's "soft as hell" and that he could easily beat him up even if he was still in his prime. Riddle also addressed the two other ex-WCW wrestlers who recently took shots at him – Lance Storm and Booker T – calling the former "boring" but admitting that he likes the latter and doesn't want "any heat" with him.
Shortly after Matt Riddle posted the aforementioned video, Chris Jericho shared a Twitter video of his own where he flashed a mischievous grin at the camera and included a succinct caption poking fun at the younger wrestler's "King of Bros" moniker.
"Minor League Wannabe Bros are funny.... #SuperKingOfShmoes @ Riddle, North Carolina"
As noted by Wrestling Inc., Riddle's extended video rant against Jericho came after the latter retweeted a fan's post that cited a few paragraphs from his first autobiography and suggested that the former UFC fighter should "listen and learn." These paragraphs detailed the advice Jericho received as a younger wrestler, as he recalled being told that it doesn't look good if a wrestler completely "buries" their opponent in their promo.

In response to Jericho's advice, Riddle initially fired off a tweet that suggested Jericho and the other former WCW talents he has had issues with "all wanna get beat up before [they] retire."