Britney Spears Trashed In Disneyland Minidress Paparazzi Pics

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Britney Spears has fallen under fire. The “Toxic” star has already made headlines for enjoying a weekend family trip to Disneyland with her two sons, Sean and Jayden. An Instagram update showing Britney with her boys at the entertainment destination made The Daily Mail‘s headlines earlier today, but there’s been an update on the photo front.

Earlier today, The Daily Mail published photos of the 37-year-old making her way through Disneyland. Photos showed Britney wearing the same summery-print yellow minidress and wedged heels she’d been photographed in for her Instagram update. While the singer’s social media post came as a sweet posed moment, the images filling The Daily Mail‘s report were taken by the paparazzi. Britney was seen refreshing herself with a Mickey Mouse ice-cream and holding her phone. She was snapped with boyfriend Sam Asghari and her sons.

Fans would likely argue that Britney’s short-sleeved dress was cute and carefree-looking. Likewise, the star’s tied-up blonde hair and makeup-free face was a manifestation of putting family time over glam. It looks like viewers to The Daily Mail‘s images have reached somewhat of united consensus, though. They’ve been slamming the singer over her appearance – big time.

“Britney needs a makeover, pushing 40 and still wearing ratty hair extensions and teenage dresses,” one user wrote.

More than 380 users agreed with the comment.

“Still dressing like a teenager…not a good look for a woman her age” was a comment racking up over 232 upvotes.

A popular comment appeared to see a user express confusion over what they were seeing in the context of a star who is both extremely wealthy and a known fitness fiend.

“I don’t get how she works out so much and looks slim on her IG but in real life she looks nothing like that. She has so much money and can have the best clothes and hair but she rather be disheveled.”

The thought seemed echoed by another user.

“I love Britney but seriously how the hell does she look like this all [sic] time with all the money she has!” they wrote.

Many other comments expressed negative sentiments. Britney was told that she needs a stylist, alongside having her mental health probed. One of the most upvoted comments stated that Britney always looks “tapped out.”

Fortunately for Britney, not all comments seemed out to give her a hard time. One fan wrote that seeing Britney appearing not to care too much about her appearance was “refreshing” to them. They expressed approval at seeing Britney “focus” on her wellbeing and family before wishing that other famous faces would do the same.

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