Sommer Ray Flaunts A Lot of Bare Skin And A Pretty Face While Putting Off Her Workout

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Sommer Ray may be among the world’s top social media models, but some aspects of the job aren’t nearly as fun as other aspects. Sometimes, the 22-year-old seems to particularly abhor exercise, even admitting so while sharing thoughts with her 27.1 million Instagram followers.

On Monday’s post, the brunette bombshell sat inside a car while applying lipstick.

Her caption — “running late for cardio” — definitely gave double meaning to the shot.

Her photo showed the knockout celebrity in a hitched-up miniskirt, allowing her tanned and well-toned legs and rock hard thighs to be very much on view. She was wearing a black tube top that allowed her bosom to overflow and her hair, up in a top knot, was secured for possible sweat by a black bandana.

While there was actually no running involved with the picture, that aspect of a model’s life seems to be an everyday assignment, at least in most cases. Some who possess stunning physiques love to take time for physical activity of that sort while others, like Sommer, seem to find ways to skirt the issue, at least for a little while.

Even so, this adorable and often self-deprecating charmer is able to keep things light while taking aim at herself.

Consider Saturday’s social media message from Sommer when she asked Alexa to exercise for her, as noted by The Inquisitr.

The electronically enhanced know-it-all didn’t appear to actually start working out for Sommer.

“While Alexa did not reply for the masses to hear her answer, others who saw Sommer’s August 3 upload did so in short order. In fact, within five hours of her last social media posting, the popular Instagrammer earned more than 7,500 likes and a slew of comments.”

Today’s tally is even higher. At the time of this writing, that post earned the Instagram model 1.1 million likes and even more comments.

One of the most popular came from trainer and fitness expert Bradley Martyn, who thought the idea that Alexa could stand in for Sommer’s workout was a nice try on her part. He replied to her caption by saying, “If only it was that easy.”

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running late is my cardio

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In another post, as mentioned by The Inquisitr on August 1, Sommer admitted to her Instagram followers that her boobs are on the small side. She complained that they resemble a sixth grader’s breasts during a tongue-in-cheek critique about her absolutely enviable physique.

No matter what the popular model feels about her body, she must know she’s a winner, especially when it comes to social media.

“Sommer Ray continues to attract huge amounts of attention from her throngs of admirers,” The Inquisitr recently stated, a fact proven by the millions of Instagram followers who check in with this dynamo on a regular basis.