August 5, 2019
Diddy & Lori Harvey: How The Rumored Couple's Outing With Her Stepdad Steve Was Reportedly Planned

It seems as if Diddy and Lori Harvey spending time with her family in Italy were far from a coincidence.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the rumored couple spent time overseas during the Harvey family vacation. The two were seen enjoying the company of Lori's stepfather, Steve, and her mother, Marjorie. The outing reportedly further fueled rumors that Diddy, 49 and Lori, 22, are currently together.

According to Hollywood Life, the meetup with Lori's parents was something that Diddy had been plotting all along. The mogul's appearance at the Italian getaway was something that an insider to the outlet "seemed way too convenient." To make the outing even odder, Diddy reportedly didn't tell anyone that he was actually going on a trip with his rumored love.

"Diddy didn't tell anyone he was planning to meet up with Lori in Europe, but they've been spending a lot of time together, so there is no way it was a coincidence," the source said. "But as far as everyone knew Diddy was just going on a family vacation [and] he fooled everyone."

The pair's supposed coupling is reportedly something that Lori's stepfather isn't objecting. The Family Feud host and his wife were reportedly smiling and exchanging pleasantries during the outing, which could be a sign that he is fine with his stepdaughter's choice in a partner. Another insider shared that Diddy's friends are also supportive of the union. The Bad Boy CEO's loved ones are reportedly happy to see him dating again after losing the mother of three of his children, Kim Porter, back in November 2018.

"He is back in a good place and so are his kids," the source shared.
"They're all doing really well. Kim is still a constant on their minds and topic of conversation, and it will always be that way. She's their angel now more than ever. But life also has to go on, and the sun is shining for them all again."
Diddy and Lori first sparked romance rumors after being seen together at a party in March. The two were then spotted again in New York City wearing matching outfits while walking down the street back in July. The couple's pairing sparked controversy initially because Lori previously dated Diddy's son Justin. Lori was also reportedly close with Porter while she was alive.

However, sources report that the closeness between Lori and Porter was what ultimately brought her and Diddy together. The model has reportedly "really been there" for Diddy during his time of grief.