Ireland Baldwin Tells Alec Baldwin To Chill About Risqué Instagram Pictures, Attends New Weed Museum Opening

Ireland Baldwin put her dad on blast for being overly sensitive about her Instagram shares.

Two weeks ago, the statuesque celebrity posted a nearly-nude picture of herself while standing on a hotel balcony wearing a towel on her head. The magnificent New York skyline served as a stunning backdrop.

"I'm sorry. What?" her dad Alex Baldwin remarked on Ireland's previous share, obviously not talking about Manhattan.

The 23-year-old model said her dad was not joking. She also admitted "that's how dads are" according to an exclusive report on August 5 from Us Weekly.

For the source, she called out the Instagram posts her pop has found to be most troubling.

"The photos I get yelled at by my dad are the ones where I am drunk-eating at night at 2 a.m. at IHOP. I posted this video... drinking maple syrup... he was like, 'You have to take that down! No one's going to take you seriously.' I'm like, 'Get over it, old man.'"
However, on Monday's story, Ireland told Us Weekly that she likes "being naked."
"The slut-shaming and all the s—t that I get all the time from posting a photo, I don't even look at comments anymore... I'm going to continue to be naked.."
Alec wasn't the only relative to admit to being bothered by the previous posting. Her uncle Billy Baldwin was also far from enamored. He said the risqué upload was " like," while serving the telling hashtag #awkward.

Another poster who probably wasn't a relative put up a more extensive remark.

"Sad when young women feel they must strip off their clothes to find empowerment, without care or concern how it may impact those they love...she has an nice body but so do a lot of other women, and they don't... need to bare it all."
Still, another follower further ranted, stating that putting up such an image may just be caused by "insecurity" on Ireland's part, while the image also brought "shame" to her dad and uncle.
Meanwhile, Ireland was looking extremely sexy in her weekend post. She was wearing a satin slip dress with a slit way up her leg. She did not appear to be wearing a bra, while her long blonde hair was down in a 'do that resembled how her mother, Kim Basinger, used to wear her locks.For the social media share, Ireland was dressed and ready for the red carpet at Los Angeles's new Museum of Weed. Ireland applauded the fresh facility's ability to call out "the social injustices" regarding marijuana.With all of these posts in mind, Ireland Baldwin does not always upload controversial photos on Instagram. Recently, she put up a few pictures from backstage during the filming of 1988's Beetlejuice, a wildly popular pop culture movie starring a young version of her dad, Alec Baldwin, and actress Winona Ryder. How wholesome is that?