August 5, 2019
'Grocery Store Joe' Amabile & Kendall Long Update: 'Bachelor In Paradise' Pair Going Strong, No Engagement Yet

Last summer, fans of Bachelor in Paradise fell in love with the pairing of "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile with Kendall Long. The two actually split before filming ended, but they reunited soon after their breakup and have been going strong ever since.

After doing Bachelor in Paradise, Joe snagged a spot on the fall season of Dancing with the Stars. That gave him an opportunity to hang out in Los Angeles, where Kendall already lived, and it looks as if this worked out well for them. He went on tour with the show after his season and then moved permanently to Los Angeles.

As The Inquisitr shared in the spring, Joe and Kendall have discussed getting engaged, and they moved into a new place in Los Angeles together not long ago. Bachelor in Paradise fans keep watching for an engagement announcement, but so far, the couple hasn't taken that leap.

At the end of May, Bachelor in Paradise fans noticed a diamond ring on Kendall's finger and speculated that she and Joe had gotten engaged. As Life & Style revealed at the time, it turns out that the ring is from her twin sister, Kylie, and there was still no proposal.

Just about a week ago, Joe shared a steamy photo showing him kissing Kendall while they were in San Diego. Even Witney Carson, a Dancing with the Stars pro who has stayed friendly with the Bachelor in Paradise couple, commented on that post that it was time for Amabile to put a ring on Long's finger.

In response to Witney's comment, Joe quipped that he was waiting to plan a camping trip with the DWTS pro and her husband so that he could propose to Kendall then. Based on the comments generated in that thread, if that's all it will take to get an official engagement in place for Kendall and Joe, it looks like everybody will do whatever they can to make it happen.

While Kendall and Joe are not engaged yet and don't seem to be commenting on how close they are to taking that step, the Bachelor in Paradise pair seems to be doing quite well. They are virtually inseparable and have been doing a lot of traveling since first connecting in Mexico last summer.

Will Kendall Long and "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile end up engaged? It certainly looks as if things are headed in that direction for the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds. However, Joe and Kendall don't seem to be in a rush and appear to be perfectly content keeping things the way they are for now.