August 5, 2019
Kim Kardashian Reportedly Taking Credit For Saving Brother Rob's Flailing Clothing Line

Rob Kardashian's troubled clothing line Halfway Dead has been on life support recently, so momager Kris Jenner begged her other kids to show their support for his brand, as Radar Online reported. Sister Kim apparently took the charge to heart and posted a controversial selfie on her Instagram page wearing nothing but one of his shirts and a pair of reflective Yeezy shoes.

Apparently, the ploy worked. In a second story from Radar Online, a source says that the brand is selling out and sales are skyrocketing, and Kim is taking credit for reviving her brother's business.

According to a source close to the family, after Kim posted the photo, sales went through the roof and nearly every piece Rob is currently selling is out of stock.

Kim is taking credit for the miraculous turnaround after her photo over 2.3 million likes on social media.

"Of course Kim is taking full credit for saving Rob's clothing line, Rob really had to swallow his pride on this one, but it wasn't hard," the source revealed. "Kim made him so wealthy in just one weekend. He is so grateful."

Not only that, but the reality star is proud of the fact that her post did more for Rob's brand than her sister Kylie Jenner's recent post promoting the brand. The youngest of the Kardashian clan posted an image wearing the same shirt, but it didn't goose sales as much as Kim's post did.

"Kim is really gloating on this because she wants everyone to know that, when Kylie tried promoting Rob's brand wearing the same shirt that she wore, the sales overall were nowhere near what they were these past few days."
While she may be riding a high after using her power to help out her family, the photo also earned Kim some serious criticism.

As The Inquisitr reported previously, fans thought the post was tacky, attacking the mom of four for her look. In the photo, she poses with a cocked hip and fingers held up in a peace sign, her lips pursed in a "duck face."

"Kim stand there posing like my friend's 15 year old daughter would pose, she's hilarious! Nearly 40, mother of 4, come in [sic] time to grow up," said one commenter.

Rob's brand has also been facing some trouble of its own. Rob was accused of stealing the skull logo that represents the brand, a charge he denies. As a result, he didn't release a shirt featuring the graphic.