August 5, 2019
Wendy Williams' Fans Furious After She Allegedly Takes Estranged Husband Back As Her Manager

Wendy Williams' fans are not happy after reports surfaced that the talk show host is allegedly taking back her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., as her business manager.

According to the Daily Mail, Williams has reportedly decided to take Hunter back as her business manager but nothing else. The pair won't be rekindling their romance after Wendy filed for divorce earlier this year.

Williams decided to end her marriage to Hunter after over 20 years together. The announcement came after months of speculation about Kevin cheating on Wendy with massage therapist, Sharina Hudson, whom he allegedly also fathered a lovechild with.

Sources claim that Wendy has agreed to take Kevin back as her manager, but only if he refrains from pursuing alimony from her during their divorce settlement.

Sources also claim that Williams was struggling a bit with some behind-the-scenes issues that Hunter usually took care of when he was her acting manager, which is one of the reasons she reportedly decided to take him back into the business part of her life.

Meanwhile, many of Williams' fans are not happy with the decision and believe that Wendy should cut off all ties with Kevin, except for when it concerns their son, Kevin Jr.

"She has lost her mind. She should never have met with him, he just manipulated her the same as he always has. Didn't realize she was so weak minded," one fan said of Wendy Williams in the comment section of the article.

"He unfortunately found a way to keep her as a cash cow. Such as shame," another agreed.

"If he cheated on you in the bedroom what makes you think he won't cheat with your bank account?" a third critic stated.

"Big mistake, Wendy," another wrote.

"I bet he has tons of dirt on her, that's probably a big reason he's back in her life," one fan speculated.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wendy's decision to bring Kevin back as her manager could have something to do with the rumors that her talk show is in jeopardy of being cancelled.

Although the show will return for Season 11 due to Williams' contract, her staffers are allegedly worried about the future of the series, and have reportedly been searching for jobs behind her back, per Page Six.

The new season of Wendy will begin airing in September.

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