August 5, 2019
Jenna Jameson Rocks Her Fabulous Figure And 80-Pound Weight Loss In New Bikini Snap On Instagram

Former adult film actress Jenna Jameson is living in an entirely different world these days, and it clearly suits her well. Jameson has left the world of raunchy video work behind her and has embraced a life in Hawaii where she lives with her daughter Batel and her fiance Lior Bitton. Jameson showed off the results of her current lifestyle in a new Instagram snapshot over the weekend, and her fans loved it.

Those who follow Jameson on Instagram know that she and her fiance have been working hard to teach their daughter Batel how to swim independently. The 2-year-old loves the water and the family swims all the time, and recent videos have shown that the little girl's solo swimming skills have really taken off over the last couple of weeks.

Jenna's latest social media update showed her in a bikini as she stood in the pool with Batel standing on the pool deck and giving her mom a kiss. In the caption, Jameson encouraged her followers to check out her Instagram Stories to see more on her daughter's progress, and she also hyped her Amazon list of keto favorites.

As Jameson's fans know, Jenna credits the keto diet for having a primary role in her body transformation over the past couple of years. She has shed about 80 pounds since she gave birth to Batel, and it shows in the svelte figure she flaunts now. In this latest shot, Jenna has her blonde hair swept up into a messy bun atop her head and the striped bikini shows off her curvy backside.

In response to a question from a follower, Jenna revealed that the bikini that hugs her curves so perfectly is simply from Target. Many of Jameson's followers commented about how inspirational she is for them and praised how she is with Batel.

Several followers couldn't help but comment on how fantastic Jenna's booty looked. This shot of Jameson wasn't especially sultry or revealing, nor did it seem particularly posed or orchestrated. However, it still perfectly showed off all of her curves and how amazing she looks since embracing her health and dedicating herself to her weight-loss efforts.

Jenna Jameson interacts with her followers on Instagram regularly, and she's been open in recent weeks about needing to rededicate herself to her intermittent fasting and keto way of eating. Her followers love all of her posts, whether they are about her family life or her 80-pound weight loss, and it seems this latest snapshot was a perfect blend of both of those facets of her life.