August 5, 2019
Miranda Lambert Claps Back At Fan Who Claims Her Marriage To Brendan McLoughlin Won't Last

Miranda Lambert and her new husband, Brendan McLoughlin, showed off their cooking skills over the weekend, posting videos of themselves making some fried chicken while enjoying the summer weather in their backyard.

According to The Daily Mail, Miranda Lambert posted a video of Brendan McLoughlin cooking up some chicken. She later shared a video of herself seasoning the food as she wore a pair of skimpy Daisy Dukes, showing off her lean legs.

Lambert's fans took to the comment section to gush over the singer and her hubby. However, not everyone left a nice comment on the videos.

"It won't last," one fan stated, implying that Miranda and Brendan's marriage had an expiration date. However, Lambert -- who has never been afraid to speak her mind, or to hit back at trolls on social media -- decided to clap back in the most hilarious way.

"Sure won't! I'm gonna eat every piece of it! Can't waste chicken," the singer replied, referring to the meal in the video -- and not her relationship with the New York City police officer.

Miranda's fans immediately began to share their appreciation for her comment.

"This is why I love you," one wrote, with others using emoji to express their love for the singer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Miranda Lambert has reportedly learned some valuable lessons about marriage following her divorce from singer Blake Shelton. She doesn't plan to repeat her mistakes the second time around, per Hollywood Life.

Currently, Brendan has taken a leave of absence from the NYC police force in order to head out on tour with his new wife. This closeness is something that Lambert greatly values, and the pair seemingly won't have to spend much of their first year of marriage apart as a result.

"Miranda never pressures Brendan to do anything. He jumped at the chance to go on tour with her. It's a huge relief to Miranda that Brendan is able to travel with her, because that way they don't have to spend time apart and deal with all the issues that come from that. Miranda wholeheartedly believes married couples should be together as much as possible. A lot of the issues in her last marriage stemmed from having to spend so much time apart. It creates unnecessary stress," an insider told Hollywood Life.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Miranda Lambert's life -- including details of her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin -- by following the singer on her social media accounts.