August 5, 2019
Kara Del Toro's String Bikini Cleavage Knocks Instagram Dead

Kara Del Toro is packing a punch these days. The Texas-born model reached a major social media milestone this year: Kara's Instagram following has now hit the 1-million mark. Swimwear updates from Kara are a near-daily deal, with the model's latest update appearing to be living proof.

Earlier today, Kara updated her account. The photo showed Kara in what appeared to be a behind-the-scenes moment. The blonde had definitely indicated this via her caption, although fans could see for themselves that the shoot setting was a busy one. Background stands of clothing and what looked like crew members surrounded Kara, but the stunner herself was taking center stage.

Today's bikini offered simple white colors, alongside a reminder that this girl doesn't need a fancy getup to wow her fans. Kara's super-sexy body was on display via the stringy two-piece, with fans seeing the model's ample cleavage and curvaceous waist alongside her flat stomach and sculpted shoulders. A golden tan is a year-round deal for Kara, and unsurprisingly, it was on show today. Kara did opt for a little accessorizing, though, as the model held a wide-brimmed straw hat in front of her legs. Despite this, Kara's followers were treated to her shapely pins -- as well as the warm smile that Kara is so adored for.

It looks like Kara's update has knocked Instagram dead. It had racked up over 12,000 likes within just two hours of going live. The same time frame brought 115 users into the comments section.Kara might come with bikinis as her trademark, but the model's career stretches beyond showcasing her fierce curves on social media. Kara fronted denim giant Guess this year. Her interview with Toronto Paradise mentioned the brand, but it likewise saw Kara name-drop a major designer. Kara was asked where her own fashion inspiration stems from. She seemed happy to oblige with a response.
"More so than a specific person or brand I'm inspired by the 90s, I love high waisted shorts and destroyed denim, I love flannels and lace-up boots. I'm also a fan of designers such as Dolce and Gabbana because their designs are so feminine, I like to mix feminine and masculine, I like leather and lace. I'm inspired by other models and the fashionable women of LA, my tastes are constantly changing, but I like to keep it pretty simple and stay comfortable."
Fans wishing to see more of Kara and her sizzling looks should follow the model's Instagram account. Her account is followed by celebrities including actress Bella Thorne and country singer Jessie James Decker.