August 5, 2019
6-Year-Old French Boy Thrown From Tenth Floor Of London's Tate Modern Museum In Critical Condition

More information is now available about the tragic assault which took place on Sunday at the Tate Modern museum in London when a 17-year-old boy reportedly threw a young boy off of a ten-story platform onto a fifth story roof below.

The Evening Standard reported on Monday that the boy, 6, who was thrown from the balcony, was visiting London with his family from France. The child was said to be snatched from his mother's arms and thrown to the roof, which was 1,000 feet below. The victim was then airlifted to the hospital, where he remains in stable but critical condition.

Detective Chief Inspector John Massey stated that at this time, there is "no apparent motive" and no sense that the attacker was known to the victim. He is urging anyone with information to come forward.

"We are providing round-the-clock support to the little boy's family as they wait for more news on his condition and our priority remains to determine what led to yesterday's events. This was a truly shocking incident, and people will understandably be searching for answers."
Massey explains that it would have been incredibly distressing to watch, and anyone who might have left the Tate Modern before the incident but noticed a man in his late teens acting strangely should contact the police.
Nancy Barnfield said she and her two young sons had been followed on the viewing platform a few seconds earlier by the young man, who has since been arrested.
"I told my kids to stay away from that man... it went on for ages. He had his hands behind his back the whole time, his back to the wall, just watching people. We walked away from him then immediately when he was out of sight a woman was screaming 'My son, my son' and people were grabbing him."
On the day of the incident, The Inquisitr reported that a witness heard the sound as the child landed on the roof below the observation deck, and then the screaming of those who were standing next to the railing when the boy was thrown.

The teen was held for the police and was said to have remained calm when taken into custody without incident.

The viewing platform from which the child was thrown offers a stunning 360-degree view of the London skyline from which visitors can see the Thames and St. Paul's Cathedral. The view is captured as far as Canary Wharf and Wembley Stadium.