August 5, 2019
Yolanda Hadid, 55, Looks Ageless In Minuscule Yellow Bikini

Yolanda Hadid is showing everyone that daughters Gigi and Bella definitely got it from their mama.

The 55-year-old is a regular poster on social media, sharing many photos of herself and her daughters, as well as some of her son, Anwar Hadid. Currently, the blonde-haired beauty is in Holland, where she appears to be having a blast with her new puppy nephew, a Siberian Husky named Snow. New photos that were shared on her Instagram account show the model splashing around with the pooch and appearing to be having a great time in the process.

The first photo in the series shows the bombshell running alongside the dog and looking as sexy as ever. In the action shot, the model splashes around, causing water to go all around her. The beauty wears her short, blonde tresses slicked back in French pigtail braids, appearing to be makeup-free while covering the majority of her face in a pair of oversize sunglasses. Hadid's amazing figure is on full display in a skimpy yellow bikini that features a triangle top with blue-and-red stitching and tiny bottoms, while her toned abs and legs take center stage in the shot.

The next few images in the deck are very similar to the first one, with Yolanda playing around with the pup and looking like she is having a blast, wearing a huge smile on her face in almost every single snapshot. In the last image in the deck, the blonde bombshell shares an up-close and personal photo of herself and the dog as she rocks a bright red baseball cap in this particular photo.

Since the series of images went live for her 3 million-plus fans, they have earned Yolanda a ton of attention with over 147,000 likes in addition to an impressive 1,700-plus comments. Some fans couldn't help but gush over her amazing body, while a few others simply chimed in with flame and heart emoji. Yolanda's former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar, Kyle Richards, also commented on the image with a heart emoji.

"She looks 17 oh my god," one follower commented on the image.

"As a person with tick infections, it is so inspiring to see you so healthy!" another Instagram user raved.

"Looking good Yolanda! I recently finished reading Believe Me and it was not only educational but inspiring with how you live your life despite your battle," one more chimed in, commenting on her very public battle with Lyme disease.

For fans who want to stay up to date with all of Yolanda's updates, they can do so on Instagram.