August 5, 2019
Britney Spears Sparks Weird Eyes Comments, Disneyland Photo Has Fans Worried She's Unstable

Britney Spears has sparked concern. The "Toxic" singer took to Instagram over the weekend with an adorable photo showing her with sons Sean and Jayden at Disneyland. The 37-year-old posed for the camera in what appeared to be a happy, relaxed, and carefree moment with 13-year-old Sean and his 12-year-old brother.

The singer's update didn't take long to make The Daily Mail's headlines, where fans have been leaving their thoughts. It looks like the photo of the pop icon rocking her summery yellow dress has generated some worries over the star's stability as Britney's mental health troubles have long been chronicled with the star going public about her bipolar diagnosis. The singer was hospitalized in a mental health facility earlier this year.

The newspaper's most upvoted comment did not appear directed toward Britney's appearance, although it mentioned the star not appearing to live a "normal life," per the user's words. Other remarks were, however, fully geared toward querying whether the mother of two is psychologically stable.

"She looks weird in her eyes," one fan wrote, with over 96 users agreeing.

"She'll never be the same it's so obvious from the way she goes on she's not well....." was a comment racking up 78 upvotes.

"She just looks so unstable her eyes are gone! So sad!" were words garnering a similar number of upvotes.

Fortunately, it didn't look like all viewers to the newspaper's report were seeing instability. Many fans took to the comments section to write that they found Britney to be happy-looking. Mentions were also made of how quickly the singer's sons are growing up.

That said, remarks expressing concern were marked.

"Something not right with her," one user said.

A comment also garnering upvotes suggested that Britney – in some way – leads a crazy life, although the words did double up as the user responding positively to seeing the family setting.
"In a weird way I'm glad her sons are close in age and have each other. Hope they are comforting to each other in their mom's la vida loca"
Britney's social media updates have been sparking concern of late. As The Inquisitr reported in June, fans were concerned for the star after an Instagram video from Britney's closet had fans using the term "bizarre" and wondering about the singer's mental state. Then again, many fans would likely argue that Britney looks happier and healthier than ever. Britney's social media updates show her working out like a pro and enjoying time with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Nonetheless, it looks like viewers to today's report from The Daily Mail had their concerns.