Ivanka Trump Tweets White Supremacy Is ‘An Evil’ To ‘Be Destroyed’ & Twitter Explodes, Points To Her Father

Senior White House Advisor Ivanka Trump listens during a roundtable discussion with the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee
Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images

Tensions throughout the country have been running high after the mass shootings over the weekend in both El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Many people are expressing their thoughts via Twitter, including President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. Based on the reactions to her last couple of tweets, her sentiments aren’t necessarily being embraced as she surely intended.

The most recent post on Twitter that Ivanka Trump sent out herself, as of this writing, notes that white supremacy is a form of terrorism that is evil and needs to be destroyed. The post has been liked nearly 30,000 times and shared more than 5,000 times. However, it has also received more than 21,000 comments, and it looks as if the majority of these replies are expressing their displeasure with Ivanka’s approach.

An overwhelming majority of the responses to Ivanka’s tweet about destroying white supremacy note that she should look first to her father, President Trump. The outrage is in response to the shooting in El Paso, where the shooter’s motives have reportedly been explicitly tied to white supremacy.

“Unfortunately, this rot of white supremacy begins at the top, in the White House with your father. I know your father learned all about racism and white supremacy at the feet of his father as a young child. However, he should make an effort to mask his true feelings and stop.”

“Talk to their leader next time if you can catch him between his golf, Tweeting and hate speech. He’s a busy little Grand Dragon.”

“Did… she just threaten patricide?”

More than a few people tweeted in response to Ivanka’s post by mentioning senior adviser Stephen Miller. People suggested he is integral to these issues and should be let go from his position. In response to one post like that, another Twitter user responded that Ivanka probably couldn’t hear him over the money and presidency that her “daddy” promised she would receive.

“Absolutely Ivanka,…. Oh, If only someone had access to the President, and the guts to tell HIM this…..OH WAIT!…”

“This is the bold courage of a woman who has seen her father’s tax returns and knows there is no inheritance other than a meat locker of frozen Salisbury steak.”

It wasn’t just everyday folks pushing back against Ivanka’s post. Journalist Soledad O’Brien, who is consistently outspoken on Twitter about the Trump administration, shared her thoughts. By the looks of things, her post garnered more likes and retweets than Ivanka’s original tweet did.

As The Inquisitr recently detailed, this isn’t the only tweet of Ivanka’s that sparked an intense backlash over the weekend in the wake of these mass shootings. Trump tweeted in support of “Red Flag” legislation mentioned by Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and this prompted a lot of pushback against the first daughter.

President Trump spoke to the press Monday morning about the shootings, and authorities in both Dayton and El Paso are continuing their investigations into the incidents that claimed numerous lives in both cities. Social media has exploded with passionate responses to the situation with people on both the left and the right sharing strongly-worded posts regarding their opinions.

In the case of Ivanka Trump’s recent tweets about these shootings, it does look as if she is getting far more negative responses than positive ones. There were some Trump supporters who lauded her sentiments, but the replies seem to be overwhelmingly critical of the idea that Ivanka could speak to the evils of white supremacy without making any connections to the current Trump administration.