Britney Spears’ ‘Hot Yoga’ Pic Goes Viral

John SciulliGetty Images

Britney Spears appears to be in full gratitude mode. The “Toxic” singer took to Instagram over the weekend for a distinctly zen update letting fans know that she’s a total yogi. The 37-year-old’s post proved sufficiently viral in nature to make The Daily Mail’s headlines, with the newspaper dedicating an entire report to the star’s gushing social media update. Likewise documenting the update was German media outlet RTL.

Britney’s post came as somewhat unusual. The star is known for appearing in fitness-dedicated Instagram videos, where fans see the blonde’s killer workout body (and how it’s achieved). Fans didn’t see Britney here, though.

The photo shared showed a Buddha-like silhouette appearing to float on ocean waters. The figure was sitting in a well-known yoga pose with the word “Namaste” written across the image and appearing in the caption. A setting sun and purple-hued skies further enhanced the peaceful feel. Britney seemed out to showcase her inner yogi via the picture, but her passion for the activity came through in her caption.

Britney’s caption voiced nothing but thanks as it informed fans that the star has been practicing “hot yoga” for one month. Britney even appeared to suggest an addictive element to it via a comparison to retail therapy. The singer also mentioned feeling “cleansed” before confirming how great she felt after engaging in the activity for a short period of time.

Britney’s update proved popular, racking up over 115,000 likes. Over 3,200 fans took to the post’s comments section.

“Yoganey,” one fan wrote.

“A needle that does yoga. We have decided to stan forever,” another said.

The “needle” word likely pertains to Britney’s own “skinny needle” comment regarding herself. Earlier this year, the star took to social media with weight-related mentions, alongside a self-proclaimed “skinny needle” status, per Paper.

Many fans seemed pumped to hear that Britney is embracing yoga, although comments did come in encouraging Britney to release new music.

“Go do some yoga in the recording studio bb. I need some bops because the other pop gurls don’t know what the hell they’re doing,” one fan wrote with over 123 users agreeing.

Yoga seems to be all the rage in Hollywood. Friends star Jennifer Aniston has credited her super-fit body to yoga. Likewise fanatics of yoga are supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Gisele Bundchen, actress Kate Hudson, plus singer Lady Gaga (the “Bad Romance” star has even done yoga in heels).

Britney has likely encouraged some of her fans to give yoga a go. Fans wishing to see more of Britney should follow the singer’s social media accounts.