Donald Trump Places Blame for El Paso & Dayton Mass Shootings On ‘The Media’

Alex WongGetty Images

Just a day after a shooter in Dayton, Ohio took the lives of nine people and two days after a shooter in El Paso, Texas took the lives of 20 people, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to place the blame for the shootings on the news media.

“The Media has a big responsibility to life and safety in our Country,” Trump tweeted Monday. “Fake News has contributed greatly to the anger and rage that has built up over many years. News coverage has got to start being fair, balanced and unbiased, or these terrible problems will only get worse!”

The president did not clarify how exactly the media shared responsibilities for the shootings over the weekend, which so far have left 29 dead. The shooting in Texas on Saturday was allegedly committed by 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, and the shooting in Dayton on Sunday was reportedly committed by 24-year-old Connor Stephen Betts.

As The New York Times reported, the shooter’s language in the manifesto echoed the president’s past comments. Trump’s lashing out at the news media comes when many have pointed to the president’s own rhetoric and policies as potential inspiration for the Texas shooter, who seemingly posted a manifesto on 8chan prior to his killing, claiming he wanted to stop a “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” per The New York Times.

In his 2016 campaign for the presidency, Trump often referred to Mexican immigration into the United States as an “invasion.” The president has been under fire in recent weeks following several incidents, which many of the president’s opponents have said show that Trump is racist.

The president tweeted in mid July and told four congresswoman, who are all women of color, to “go back” to their ancestral countries, sparking a resolution in the House that condemned his remarks. Last week, the president took aim at Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, who is black, and called his Baltimore district “infested.”

Many of the 2020 Democratic candidates for president have called Trump racist, and some have even said they believe the president to be a white nationalist, per a previous report from The Inquisitr.

Police have not yet determined a motive for the shooting in Ohio in which the 24-year-old shooter killed nine people, including his sister, according to WCPO.

Meanwhile, the president Monday misidentified the Dayton shooting as occurring in Toledo, per a report from The Hill.

“May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo, may God protect them,” Trump said.