August 5, 2019
'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Shiloh Pushes Jason Over The Edge After Kidnapping Sam

The week of August 5 should be a big one on General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that Shiloh will make massive moves to force things to go his way in Port Charles, and his decisions could turn the town upside down. One component of his upcoming antics involve kidnapping Sam, and a new sneak peek shares some scoop regarding what's on the way.

Viewers saw last Friday that Sam was caught by Shiloh as she tried to get the flash drive with Drew's memories on it. Previews had shown that Shiloh would take full advantage of this opportunity, and Monday morning, a weekly preview was shared via the show's Twitter page with a bit more detail.

Shiloh wants Dr. Cabot to transfer Drew's memories to Jason, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he'll utilize this opportunity to try to make it happen. According to the new print edition of Soap Opera Digest, Shiloh will quickly stash Sam away in a freezer somewhere.

After Sam is hidden away, Shiloh will call Jason and lure him to the motel. The sneak peek shows that Jason will not hesitate to get physical with Shiloh, but General Hospital spoilers hint that Shiloh will regain the upper hand when he tells Jason that Sam won't survive where she is if Jason doesn't do what he wants.

Co-head writer Shelly Altman teases that Jason will be alarmed by the situation, and he'll realize that time is of the essence.
"She only has a limited amount of time to survive in there. Air is sparse and growing sparser. So either she needs to free herself or be freed before she passes out and suffocates."
Shiloh will demand that Jason cooperate with getting Drew's memories implanted into his brain in exchange for releasing Sam. In Shiloh's mind, this not only gets him access to what he needs in those memories, but it essentially destroys Jason as well.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Drew and Curtis will figure out what Shiloh's trying to accomplish, and they'll be anxious to get a hold of Jason. They won't be able to contact Jason or Sam, so they reach out to Sonny and head to Shiloh's motel.

Ultimately, the buzz is that Shiloh won't be able to use Jason for this as he'd hoped, apparently due to Jason's brain damage. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that he'll quickly turn his attention to another potential victim, and this will cause plenty of collateral damage.

Fans are speculating that somehow Shiloh will use Franco for this mission, which would sync with the warnings Franco has received about avoiding a drive. TV Source Magazine details that mid-week, Elizabeth will get an alarming phone call.

Late in the week, General Hospital spoilers specifically mention that Liz will watch over Franco as he sleeps. Fans know that this type of teaser most certainly means that something concerning must have come before this point if Elizabeth watching her husband sleep is considered to be noteworthy.

Sam will be freed somehow, and it doesn't sound as if it'll take too long for that to happen. Shiloh's mission to wreak havoc on Port Charles will continue for now, and fans will be anxious for additional General Hospital spoilers signaling an end to his hold over so many people in town.